Sunday, June 19, 2011

Emily at 15...well, almost 16 months

I have been meaning to sit (yeah right!) and record some precious things about sweet Emily at this age since her doctors visit. I used to sit at the computer and blog away until my heart was content...and now it usually consists of me jotting down a few chicken scratch notes on post-its and then finding a few seconds to type it on the computer. BUT..nonetheless, here are a few fun things about Emily at this exciting age.
-She loves loves loves to accessorize! She usually has on anywhere from 1-3 necklaces and a few bracelets. Her favorites are the mardi gras beads our neighbor keeps giving us. She puts them on herself and is very protective of them.
-Words she says- Mama, dada, Izzy, Go!Go! Go! Go! (from Cat in the Hat cartoon),Elmo, woof woof, quack quack, moo, and then she preaches in her own jibber jabber very fiercely. She will "converse" for a few minutes telling us things...who knows what we are agreeing to. :)
-She loves the song If you are happy and you know it- she will clap, stomp, and raise her hands (sometimes says Amen) She also likes the 5 little ducks song and will quack along appropriately.
-She enjoys being tickled and lets out the most precious giggles you have ever heard!
-She follows Caroline from room to room, activity to activity, and gets very excited whenever big sis is around.
-She is still an Elmo fan and most recently has fallen for Barney.
-She really loves sitting in their green chair in the living room. She will crawl all over it, sit and relax in it whenever we are in the living room.
-She still LOVES Isabelle our cat and gets ecstatic each time we see her outside.
-She is teething a little bit now- maybe some bottom teeth?
-She has become attached to her blankets and will walk to her crib and pull them out throughout the day when she needs it.
-She is HATING her diaper changes these days and it resembles wrestling a wild pig when it is in fact time to do the change.  Also when she gets cleaned up after would think we were hurting the poor thing!
-She has the "iphone" obsession...she constantly wants it- but doesn't know what to do with it yet. She usually just watches youtube videos of Barney and we roam from video to video.
-She loves the much that it scares us to death. She is not afraid to put her face/head/body under and exerts all her energy "diving" the entire time we are in the pool. It's as if her legs go limp in the water and whoever is "guarding" her has to be on guard every single second. She just smiles and laughs- even if she has water up her nose. Needless to say, going to the pool without backup probably won't happen a lot this summer. The 2 of them seem to require much more attention than one person can provide.
All in all she is an amazing little girl...her red curly hair and sweet sweet chubby rolls turn me inside out! She is precious and we all continue to fall more and more in love with her fiery personality.

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