Friday, October 7, 2011


I secretly turned 30 this past month- September 3 to be exact. Brad surprised me and had his mom and grandmother show up in Little Rock!! I was so shocked and excited. Brad swept me away for a night at the best hotel in town- The Capital Hotel. It wad a perfect getaway that let me sleep and relax all I wanted- perfect!! Then I got to wake up and celebrate all day with my girls and Deb and Mama. Brad worked the majority of the weekend but was the master planner! It was special:)

Brad sweetly got me a super cute pair of Toms...but my swollen, pregnant feet would not fit. Sooooo I'm waiting a few more weeks to go pick out my appropriate size after Hannah gets here:)

Next, aunt Cara flew in to party with us girls while Brad attended a conference in San Francisco. She threw me a perfect fairy birthday party with the girls and we played all week. It was so fun and of course not complete with out a trip to chuck e cheese:)

- someone was spoiled by their aunt....and loved every minute!

Thank you everyone who made my 30th special- despite the distance and circumstances- it was perfect!
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