Monday, October 10, 2011

Round 2 at the pumpkin patch

We went to Motleys pumpkin patch on Saturday with Brad. It was a hot October morning and it seemed EVERYONE in the area had the same idea we did, but we had fun!
We saw some more animals- goats, chickens, and donkey. Brad got some food to feed the goats and the girls loved it.

 We stood by a giant pumpkin (seem a bit redundant from last post?)
 Watched pigs race. Yes. You read correctly. Only in Arkansas.

 Road a cow-train.

 Rode a pony swing.
 And enjoyed a hayride...even I was brave enough to try it.

We had fun! We still didn't pick out THE pumpkin for the year, but we may just snag one from Kroger;) I think they are cheaper!

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