Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Halloween Happened

Somewhere in the midst of our first week home Halloween came and went! Actually, the day after Hannah was born, Brad took the big girls to our church Fall Fest with their cousin Charlie, Cara, and my mom. They had a blast and enjoyed playing. The costumes this year- Caroline was a jaguar, Emily was a zebra, and Charlie was their zoo keeper. They were all precious! I didn't get to see them the night of the fall fest because I was in the hospital, but the girls dressed up once again on Halloween night and experienced their first ever trick or treating to a few houses on our street and then enjoyed our annual street/block party our neighbors throw each year. Caroline loved the idea of getting candy and belted out "TRICK OR TREAT!!" as Emily mimicked that phrase. Here are some pics I got of my sweet little zoo animals :) Thanks to the pumpkin that served as our beloved prop.

I will have to get the pics with cousin Charlie off of my phone another time...he was so cute!

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