Monday, November 14, 2011

Shout Out to the Grandmothers...and the rest of the fam too:)

We are SO blessed to have such amazing parents that took the time out of their busy work schedules to come and help care for us during Hannah's birth. My mom was here for the first 2 weeks after Hannah's birth and wrangled the big girls on her own for a week. Then Deb came back (she flew in for H's birth, then went back home until my mom left)and stayed for a week to take over the big girls for another week. Which means that I was truly able to focus and love on sweet Hannah for 3 weeks as I recovered from surgery and got my strength back. Words cannot say how much I appreciate all your time, energy, and effort that I KNOW it takes to keep up with the Hobbs girls. We are HIGH energy ALL the time and I am so thankful for every minute you spent helping us. I will never forget it, and I know the girls are so grateful for you.
Some pictures of Grammie and Nana in action...notice they NEVER had empty hands:)

 And then there was the rest of our family that made the trip out to LR to welcome sweet Hannah. Thank you for making this such a special "birth"day for her and us. We love and miss you all already.

 My sister Cara...who wrangled her own 2 year old in the midst of our crazy bunch! I know it is hard work, but she did it perfectly! For some reason my batch of pics didn't get a picture of her with Hannah...hoping Chris got some on his camera.

Hannah can't wait to meet her Uncle Andrew, Aunt Sarah and Uncle Ben!! Hopefully soon.

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