Sunday, December 4, 2011

This morning was yucky...dark, rainy and cold. Thankfully the girls slept until 7:15 and we didn't begin our morning too early. Brad was already gone to round at the hospital and I accepted the challenge of getting all 4 of us girls presentable, prepared and punctual to church by 9. Everyone cooperated and it was a success! As I was driving, finishing make up, going through mental check list of everything we needed, and eating breakfast on the way to church I realized I needed to devise a plan to get us into/and out of church in the pouring rain- with my two hands. So I ended up parking under the drive thru- grabbed all three babies, their diaper bags and sippys and deposited the 2 big girls in their rooms. A sweet friend from Sunday school saw us in the hallway and asked if she could borrow baby Hannah...they needed a baby Jesus for the live nativity the preschool was having this morning. I happily released Hannah into her arms, ran back to the van blocking traffic flow, and parked it a mile away....well, maybe not a mile. Then I sprinted (and probably splashed) past all the normal people that had umbrellas and made it back inside. I went to SS for a little but (childless!) and then snuck downstairs to check on baby Jesus. She was snoozing away- perfect as can be:) Brad got to church by the 2nd service and was recruited to be a shepherd so the Hobbs family starred in the nativity scene this morning- I was proud:)

After church Caroline ran out of her room and proclaimed - "i saw baby Jesus!!" she was so excited. We asked asked her what the baby looked like and she said "kinda like hannah" still not realizing it was Hannah :) glad she "believed" what they were teaching;) her class viewed the scene 1st service so she didn't get to see her daddy as a shepherd...probably a good thing!
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  1. Precious! Precious! Precious! And way to go, getting all your girlies to church in the rain! You are Super Mommy for sure! :)

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  3. Sunday mornings are the craziest! You should remember...