Saturday, December 31, 2011

Wakefield Christmas

My mom and dad drove in from Georgia on Thursday before Christmas. We LOVED having them here with us to celebrate all weekend long. These are some pictures from their visit...totally out of order because I loaded some from my phone and others from the computer. Sorry!
Christmas Morning...

 Picture before they got on the road to leave on Monday morning.
 Hannah trying to look at her prizes Christmas morning...she couldn't keep her sweet eyes open.
 Christmas morning we had presents, breakfast, went to church, and then home for naps. But after naps it was PLAY time!! Caroline put on every new item she possibly could as we went to the tennis courts to ride her new trike. She makes me laugh.
 Birthday cake for Jesus:)
Singing Happy Birthday to Jesus. Each sister had to take turns blowing the candles out. I got some precious video footage of the girls singing. Emily LOVES to sing this song over and over and over.
 Emily wearing ALL of her new jewelry to go outside and play. Look at her wrist...SO many bracelets!
Christmas Eve we went out for lunch and then stayed in the rest of the evening. We somehow got on a whim to create a manger with sticks from our yard. Caroline was SO excited. Her baby, Allie, acted as baby Jesus. Of course this endeavor turned into a competition between Brad and I to see who could create the best manger with sticks and glue. I think I won simply because I did it in 10 minutes...his took a bit longer. But here is Caroline- the proud owner of a new handmade manger.

Allie was relaxing in it.

Lunch at Big Orange

We played games and had pizza Christmas eve night- twister was the game of choice this year. Caroline did a pretty good job- she is starting to learn her left and right but the concept of staying "up" while playing didn't stick. We all had fun though.

Thanks for coming and sharing this Christmas with us! We love you Gram and Grandpa:)

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