Thursday, January 12, 2012

Conversation with Caroline

Today when I picked the big girls up from Mothers Day Out they both were in great moods...which is fabulous because it means they got a good nap. Each time I pick them up I try as hard as I can to get a recap of the day from Caroline. Today's conversation had me laughing out loud. This was hilarious...especially if you know Caroline, how obsessed she is with smelling things, and how obsessed her daddy is with smelling things. I'm changing the names in this story to protect the innocent 3 year olds involved....

Me: Caroline, how was your day?
C: Good.
Me: What did you do today?
C: We just hanged out and stuff like that.
Me: What did you learn about?
C: Ruth. She met a good man.
Me: You're right. She did. What else?
C: Nothing else.
Me: Did you play with your friends? Was Mary there today?
C: Yes. She smells kinda different.
Me: What? Mary smells different?
C: mmhmmm.
Me: Like, good different or bad different? (laughing)
C: Like bad different. She smells different. She kinda smells like Mary.
Me: Ok...well was Dave there? What is he like?
C: Yes. He smells good.
Me: Was Mara there?
C: Yes, she smells good too.
Me: What are the other kids names?
C: Chris and Charlie. Chris had a Happy Meal with Mexican food.
Me: Hmmm...sounds good. So, what is Mary like again? (testing this out to see if she would answer the same)
C: She smells kinda different.
Me: Ok, well I missed you girls today.
C: Good.

May  not strike you as funny as it did to me. I asked her again later to tell me once again about her classmates...and she reaffirmed that "Mary" smelled different. I may have to take a sniff next week. LOL.


  1. Haha! At least she used the word "different" and not something like "stinky"! :-) So cute.