Monday, April 9, 2012

Cereal for Sis

Little Hannah had her first taste of solid food this week...rice cereal is always our starting point. She followed suit and LOVED it just as much as her big sisters did. She now eates about 2 ounces of cereal for dinner and I am hoping (and praying just a little!) that she will start sleeping better at night.
 And inbetween spoonfuls this was the ever so familiar face of "GIVE ME MORE NOW!!"
The big sisters were so excited about Hannah's new milestone...listen to Caroline's comments in this video. Both she and Emily wanted to see, taste, and smell the cereal. Please ignore my extremely obnoxious "mommy voice" in the video.
Flashback to Emily's first cereal here
Sorry Caroline...yours was WELL documented...but not on the blog:)

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