Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hard at Play

We have been doing a few Montessori moments everyday and also incorporating some preschool activities into our mornings at home. Here are some pictures of their little fingers at work pouring, scooping, using tongs, and other fine motor skills.

 We learned how to write the letter Aa and painted an apple to look like a lower case a.
 I made a super quick make-shift fabric box full of bibs for Hannah to pull out and explore.

This was a pinterest activity I found. As I made our spaghetti dinner that night the girls stuck fruit loops on the noodles. Caroline was able to make a few patterns.

Caroline loves to draw...FINALLY. She has not been in to drawing much and struggles making sense of writing in general because she is a lefty. She switches her writing utensils between her right and left hand as she works. This picture is of a squid. She was in the kitchen and yelled to me (in the living room)
C: Mom, how do you draw a squid?
Me: Maybe draw a circle for the head and some lines for it's legs
C:How many legs does a squid have?
Me: 8 (YES, I realize that it is an octopus that has 8 legs...but for simplicities sake I used 8)
A few minutes go by and I see her finished project...and it is perfect! Water and everything. I love her squid drawing. And she even drew 8 legs perfectly. Sweet squid drawing Caroline!

Consensus: Caroline likes all these activities but moves super fast (surprise??) and doesn't spend much time mastering it before moving on.
Emily spends LOTS of time exploring all the avenues of each activity and is VERY good with her little hands.
Hannah likes to chew on pipe cleaners and fruit loops.

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