Saturday, August 11, 2012

Cousin Fun 2012

We had a fantastic time with Cara and Charlie last week! They arrived on Saturday morning and we played hardcore until Wednesday evening. Here are a few pictures from our special time with them. It was AWFULLY hot so we racked our brain and attempted to find some indoor play around town to keep us entertained. is extremely difficult to get a decent picture of everyone..but I attempted.

Our van was officially filled to maximum capacity:)
We visited Chuck E Cheese. This picture is really odd...we all have glowing eyes and Caroline is posing like a munchkin. Definitely a framer...nope.

Hannah LOVED playing with her cousin for the first time!
We went to the splash water park. I'm pretty sure Brad got the award for playing the hardest that day.
We spent a morning at the museum. Charlie is a big time show stopper and preformed for all the ladies as they watched and clapped in admiration.

And of course we had a trip to Chick fil a. I'm not sure you can visit us and NOT go at least once.

We also went to The Wonder Place, the tubes at Rock Creek and our swimming pool. Everyone was tuckered out after this busy, fun week.
We are SO thankful they came to visit and we look forward to seeing them again soon!!

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