Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Emily's Curls

We took Emily to get her first hair cut yesterday. Her hair is one of my most favorite things in the world- her curly-q's make me smile ear to ear. Her mane had gotten a little bit out of control and needed some "shaping". So I decided it was time...and hoped and prayed that cutting it would not be the end to her beautiful ringlets. It wasn't:) She did an amazing job of sitting still and really didn't act that excited about it. Just another day, another errand, another check on her list. I saved some of her sweet little red hair and took too many pictures and videos. Caroline was the sweetest sister ever. She sat right next to her and cheered her on:
"Emily, you are doing PERFECT!"
"EM, good job!!"
"Em, you look great!"
All while Emily devoured her animal crackers and eyed the dum dum lollipops. The hair dresser and other customers got tickled at Caroline's 100% support of her sister...and it made my heart happy. They love each other. And it shows:) Hannah watched and also enjoyed some animal crackers. Her hair is longer than either of her big sisters ever was at this age so she will be sitting in that spot sooner than Emily at age 2 1/2.

After the haircut we did what girls are supposed to do- we shopped and little. We visited a few stores, picked out some hairbows and had a great morning. One of the first of many days like this I'm sure. I love my girls.

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