Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The stone and a yard sale

This past weekend was not uneventful. I experienced kidney stones. I really don't even like recalling the events of the weekend...but for documentation and memories sake...I will:)

Thursday night around 6pm as I was bathing the girls I realized that something didn't feel quite right and I thought I might possibly have a UTI. Hmmm. After the fact, I kinda wished that was what it had been. I texted Brad and asked him to bring home some antibiotics- he was at journal club meeting and would be home around 9:30pm.

9:30PM- Brad gets home, with the antibiotics, and asks me a few questions to confirm my suspicions. He taps my back (kidneys) in a typical physician way and asks if it hurt. Well, it did. Really bad. And he didn't really believe me. Until I continued to complain that the pain was getting worse and worse. I took some advil and went to bed immediately...only to discover that I couldn't even lift my legs to undress or get into bed. Tears came. It was starting to really hurt. My only description at that moment:
"It feels like contractions, but in my kidney"
A few minutes of googling all of this and putting the pieces together lead hubby to think kidney stones.
He calls the ER, speaks with our friend, and decided I need to drive myself to ER.
My thoughts- NOT going to happen. Really?? I can't move or open my eyes but I'm going to safely arrive at the hospital? Probably not.
I call my sweet friend Jill. We had helped them with an ER visit on their part a few months ago, it only seemed right for them to return the favor. JK. I knew she would help in any way she could. She arrived 10 minutes later. I stand, get dressed and immediately puke. Somehow I get to the car and we are hospital bound, my husband driving like a madman...I think he almost wanted to get pulled over and play the emergency card...hahaha...no, not really...he was worried about me.

Fast forward past the puking in the waiting room, puking in my wheel chair, seamlessly painless IV stuck in my arm, morphine, morphine, and more morphine, zofran, zofran, zofran, and then phenergan, a CT scan, a huge inflamed kidney, a 4.5mm stone almost done making trouble, a few stones left in both kidneys, a little bit of relief, me falling asleep 5x during a conversation with the doctor, crazy crazy comments from me to my sitting sleeping tired husband, and then being admitted. I tried to get up and figure out if I could manage to go home but I was still too dehydrated, nauseous, and in pain at about 4:30 a.m. So around 6:30 they got me up to my hospital room. Fast forward until about 5:00 pm- finally feeling better, still haven't passed the trouble stone, but feeling much better. We get home around 6 and the world continues to spin as it always does. Even to the point of having a yard sale the next morning.

Yep. Got up at 5:00 a.m. and somehow threw all of our collected junk into the yard and had a collaborative family yard sale all day. I did however pass that 4.5 stone that morning. Crazy little tiny stone that caused all that pain. I managed to rest and take every minute possible the rest of the weekend to recoup and build my strength back up.

Major thanks go to:
Jill- being there and staying with the girls while we were at the ER.
Amber- coming over in the morning and keeping the girls until Brad rolled around again.
Chelsea- filling the hour(s) with the girls while Brad came back and got me discharged.
And everyone else that was praying for us! I'm thankful we made it through this crazy time without too much trouble...we are so thankful for our friends here in LR. It is a terrible feeling to have to call on people in a moment in need (especially at midnight) but everyone was so willing and able to help. Meals have been delivered, and help offered. Thank you a million times!

AND the moral of this story is....wait for it...

No more Dr. Pepper for me. Yep. Haven't tasted the stuff since that dreadful Thursday. And have no desire to. The caffeine may possibly be what was causing my stones...and if so- Adios! My love affair with Dr. P isn't strong enough to warrant another event like this. Ever. Water. Water. and more Water...at least that is my plan right now:)

I wasn't really sure how to photograph a kidney stone. So this was my best attempt. I get to take it with me to a follow up visit in a few weeks and they will figure out what it is made of, etc.

The End.

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  1. OH MY GOSH!!! I'm so glad you are ok!!! Jorge passed one that size a few years ago and I swear I thought he was being a drama queen until that thing came out!! I feel for you girl! Love you and glad you are doing better!