Tuesday, September 11, 2012


It struck me that I need to write a few notes about what silly things the girls are saying and doing now. I haven't documented as many stories the past year because time is scarce. But to remember them at 3,2, and 10 months is worth a little bit of effort. I have tons of videos of them and at some point want to create dvds with it all. I get choked up watching their sweetness NOW...what will I be like 30 years from now??? Anyway, memories are worth the extra effort. At least that's my take today:)

She is SO dramatic! She loves to exclaim "Oh my!!" about things.
She uses her feeling words very well- "I'm so disappointed! I'm feeling so frustrated! I am so excited!"
She and Emily have entered into a true love-pester relationship. One minute they are cuddling and kissing, the next they are shouting and pushing. Fights are not fun and usually end with both in tears. We are working on using our words to solve problems instead of tears and whining.
Caroline can say her address, phone number, and "sing" the spelling of her name. She is working on writing the letters, but writing doesn't come super easy for my little lefty.
She gets SO excited when she sees Hannah standing, crawling, eating, etc. All new milestones that she realizes her sister is meeting.
She loves watching crafting youtube videos...yep. Some kind of weird gummy bear/candy ones really strike her fancy. She loves watching the process of mixing, molds, extraction, etc. She shows some sure fire signs of being interested in science...can't think of anymore examples at the moment- but she is such a smarty.
She will talk all day long. With no pauses. Just recently I asked her if she could please try to sit silent for a few moments. Since then, there have been a few rare moments where she will say,
"Mom! Do you hear me being silent??" hmmm. Ironic, but I get her point. She is trying.
She asked me about the wife/husband relationship and we had a very in depth convo about it. I explained how she would one day find the love of her life, they would be best friends, and she would fall in love. I told her how we were already praying for her perfect partner. She thought long and hard and said, "I know! Daddy can be my husband!" I smiled and told her he was mine and we couldn't share husbands. We then decided that HER husband was probably about 3 or 4 years old and she wouldn't meet him for a long time. The next day she used a few "terms" from our conversation...and I loved hearing her tell me this...
"Mom, I'm falling in love with you." OH. I music to my ears. I do pray for her future husband- but I will be her true love until then, no problem!

Emily is talking SO much!! She has a hard time competing with big sister, but she is mastering the art of communication very well.
She loves to sing! Her favorites- Twinkle Twinkle, Had a little monkey, Hush little baby, Goodnight Sweetheart.
She has adopted Baby Mouse as her favorite object right now. She sleeps with the mouse and a glowworm right now..
She has me kiss her feet each night before I leave her.
She wants a story about a cat (you may NOT name the cat) each night at bedtime.
She will sit and read books by herself. The words may or may not correlate to the pictures, but she is telling some kind of story.
She is sensing some frustration with Hannah now that little sis is crawling and all up in her business...and sweet Em doesn't really know how to handle it! She gently moves, but then finds Hannah right there next to her.
Her catch phrase this week- "I'll be RIGHT back!" and she goes in and out our front door (that she MUST open and close herself) a million times in a row. She will run and tell me, "I'm going to the store" or "I'm going to the bank. I'll be RIGHT back." Good thing it isn't 110 degrees outside anymore or we would be worried about all the air conditioning she was letting out. She usually runs to her jeep, sits for 2 seconds, then runs right back inside. Harmless fun:)
She has NO desire to learn how to buckle and unbuckle her car seat- something I am dying for her to learn!
She does want to dress herself now- she will attempt and usually has me giggling every time. Shorts before panties, legs in the same pant leg, the list goes on. I love it.
She makes her "silly eyes" and knows it makes me laugh.
She giggles and cackles loud as can be when she and Caroline are playing.
She took the plunge off the diving board this summer...and somehow that correlates to her being ok with taking a SHOWER. She was terrified of them, but now she corrects me every time I say "bath time" and says "No! Shower mommy."
Emily would be happy eating hot dogs and pizza every meal of the day. Don't worry. I don't let her eat it EVERY day.;)
She likes to pour her own drinks. This CAN get dangerous, but usually just means she takes her empty cups to the sink and fills her cup up with water on her own. It is really a help:)
She loves my old, red Nokia cell phone.
Emily has another phrase that usually causes some drama and it is used a million times a day about every thing that is happening..."I (don't) like this one" She usually omits the "don't" but I have learned that is what she is saying. From the dvd playing, to the book being read...she has learned that by "disliking" something she can change things. A little annoying on my end.

Sweet baby Hannah- growing and changing so much every single day!
She is attempting to mimic waving, nodding yes or no.
She loves to clap.
She dances to any and every beat she hears.
She "talks" a lot. Babble babble babble. (Yes, that is all 3 girls all talking a lot. Don't come here looking for silence)
She LOVES bath and cries when we take her out. She also trips out belly laughing at herself when she splashes.
She is grinding her front teeth....AGH!! Gives me chills. I think I remember the other girls trying that for awhile...won't last long.
She isn't as adventurous with trying solids and new foods as I wish she was. She also just prefers the bottle...solids are just icing on the cake.
Goldfish, animal crackers and other snacks have become a favorite tool for mommy.
She will repeat "Papa" but only accidentally says mama or dada.
She crawls with expertise now but still really wants to walk! She moves so well when you hold her hands...her little feet know what to do with a little help. But when she is standing on her own- she will get her arms and head moving so fast, flapping like a little bird, hoping to take off walking. It hasn't worked yet for her, but she still tries. Her excitement is comparable to her oldest sisters.
She still opens her mouth in a wide "Oh!!" when she is excited or really concentrating on something.
Hannah may get the award for the hardest one to diaper at this age. She puts up a serious fight and will "stiff leg" it like the best.
Her JOY is felt by everyone who gets her out of her crib after nap or sleep. It is also felt when she DIVES for her bed at bedtime because she just wants to lay down and crash. She loves her little Bunny lovey and also plays with a tiger and bunny in her crib.
Van rides are not her most favorite thing right now. She feels cramped with her legs cooped up against the seat, and she wants desperately to turn around and face the dvd player. My guess is that she will miss seeing Caroline's face when she does in fact turn around because the two of them keep each other entertained.

And here are my lovely crazy cats...

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  1. Love 'em so much. You and Brad have a family of wonderfully joyful and funny girls. I'm still in shock that you, my little girl, have your own family and are doing what we attempted in the 80s! Blessings upon you! Mom and I are soooo thankful.