Friday, September 6, 2013

Caroline 4.5

Caroline now says she is "four and a half" when asked how old she is. She is so quickly approaching 5 that it is hard for me to swallow sometimes!! She is such a blessing day in and day out- her passion and zest for life are as strong as ever:) She aged out of the Mothers Day out program at our church this year and is now in the 2 day/week preschool class with 9 of her friends. She loves it and will have a blast this year I have no doubt. I will admit- I was a silly, weepy, mess the first day. Although it is absolutely no different (schedule/length of time) as MDO something hit this mamas heart as I watched her bounce energetically into the building with her humongous back pack on, lunch box in hand. I'm watching my sweetie grow up....and this stage that I never imagined being here. And I'm thankful. Thankful that I get to do life with this precious gift from God. She is amazing:)
Caroline likes:
writing her name, first middle and last
sounding out words and writing rhyming sentences
reading her books- she really started reading with little to no help this spring and has truly amazed me.
riding her bike with training wheels
playing ipad games
crafting of any kind
cooking with me
playing school with her sisters
Sophia the First cartoons
wearing comfortable clothes- the clothing wars have begun. She is a very picky dresser. I don't fight that battle very often, so what she picks is what she gets to wear.
making up songs
chewing gum
tickle/wrestle/dance time in the evening with daddy and her sisters
swimming with out floaties (when she can "touch")
visiting/conversating with neighbors and whoever walks by our neighborhood corner
jewelry- necklaces, bracelets, rings
she loves to pray for people who sick/hurting every night at bedtime- we have to go through a long list of people that we can pray for and she chooses one and prays for them.
memorizing scripture- she learns them verbatim...and if i mess it up, it's absolutely unacceptable. she keeps ME in line;)
still tall for her age
wears anywhere from size 5t-6/ smalls
size 12 shoes
wants to grow her "orange" hair long, but despises brushing it.

We started gymnastics this fall and she is a natural!

Dear Caroline,
Mommy loves you more than you know. You have become such a sweet friend to me and I enjoy being you parent, but also watching us turn into buddies. You have such a kind, sensitive heart for others. I pray that you stay that way and find BIG ways to serve and love others around you your whole life thru. You amaze me.

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