Friday, September 6, 2013

Emily 3.5

Emily is 3 1/2 and absolutely everything a 3 year old should be. Inquisitive, active, and loving life. She is very passionate about life and has a strong sense of independence. She wants to do everything herself and I attempt to give her the freedom when possible. She is very outspoken at home, but outside of our family she is very shy and quiet. She has a best friend who is in her classes at church that she loves to talk and play with, but she never says a word to her teachers! She adores her sisters and misses them when they have to part ways. She makes me smile with her childlike sense of wonder and amazement at the world around her. Her speech and language have grown leaps and bounds over this year and I adore hearing her voice her thoughts and feelings in a much more grown up way:)
Emily likes:
crafts- which could mean a multitude of things- usually involves squeezing crazy amounts of glue, paint, sticky substances all over paper.
playing "school"- I hope she remembers all the 100's of times I have sat in her "class" and played night night time, lunch, and circle time. She is learning to fall into the roll of "teacher" and has Hannah as her most willing pupil most the time, along with their 50,000 baby dolls.
Cooking with me
building with blocks
putting her princesses in a "circle" or some other organized position
brushing her hair...and everyone else's. She loves to spray the "no tangles" spray and brush for as long as I will let her!
Keeping her hair down
flip flops or as she says "swip swops"
dancing with her sisters
acting like a puppy dog
playing iPad
bathing alone- no sisters.
hearing jewel prince stories that mommy makes up- Caroline enjoys them too at bedtime
swimming with floaties on
the ice cream truck
emily has started praying such sweet, heart-felt prayers...some make sense...and others we are left dumbfounded and trying to interpret, but I have no doubt that she knows what she is saying:) She always begins "thank you God who loves us" :)
Em is average in height, seems short compared to sisters:)
Wears size 4t-5t to whatever we have in her dresser drawers! She and Caroline basically where the same clothes now.
Size 10 shoe
She loves her long, curly, wild red hair...such a beauty!

Donuts on a mommy-Emily date- my favorite quote from our date-
Me: Who is your best friend?
E: William
Me: What makes you like William as a best friend?
E: He says eyeball a lot.
Duh mom. Why else would I like him? Isn't it obvious?? :)
Emily and "eyeball":)

Dear Sweet Emily,
You are simply perfect. Your cuteness wins almost everyones heart the moment they see you. Not many people get to see the feisty side of your personality- you save that for mommy:) You and your sisters are best friends and nothing makes my heart happier than hearing you declare your love to your big and little sis. In SO many ways I see myself in you- even at just age 3. The middle child, the introvert, the deep thinker. You have my heart and I adore watching you grow and learn about life. You make our family so special.

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