Sunday, January 24, 2010

Petsmart Visit

No, we are not crazy enough to be contemplating adding another furry friend to our family. We thought Caroline would enjoy seeing some animals and this was our solution.
Brad was off yesterday and today so we have been in heaven! I haven't felt the greatest today- could be because of my TOTAL lack of sleep...the bags under my eyes are pleading for some sleep. Maybe tonight....I'll try to be optimistic.

So here are a few pictures to keep you entertained from our laid back weekend.

Daddy and Caroline before church. Baby girl slept til almost 8:00 this morning since she had a late night with her good friend Mary Ellen last night. We went to dinner and then they came and hung out with us at our place for a little while. It was fun, but she was exhuasted!

This picture was from Friday- Mary Ellen came over to play and we had a lunch date. Rachel has just started making these beautiful bows....Caroline was VERY envious of them as you can see. She actually ended up working up the courage to grab one of them, breaking it in the mean time. I felt so bad. One day she'll have bows of her own and maybe she'll learn how to appreciate them more. :)

Thats really all I have. Nothing very important or fun...but something for the grandparents to look at! :)


  1. Thank you.. thank you! We love seeing and reading about all the things that are going on.
    We love you!
    Nana and Papa Ronnie

  2. The grandparents are extremely grateful! We love keeping up with you through your blog. Thanks.