Thursday, January 21, 2010

What DO stay-at-home moms do all day??

Today I took some pictures throughout our day to let you in on the FUN and EXCITING times of my job- the BEST job in the world I might add. Some days it is extremely hard, other days it is like a dream. Either way, I cherish each and every day that I am getting to spend with Caroline. I have really started trying to think of fun and meaningful learning activities for us to do as she turns more and more into a toddler. She is still a little young to do some things (color, cook, draw, etc.) but we are creatively finding new things to occupy our time...we have a whole 12 hours to fill each day. While naps and snack time are right up my alley with what I like as a pregnant woman, the other hours of the day are jammed packed. Here are some of our endeavors....High Chair Gymnastics
(in the midst of green beans, salad, and spaghetti noodles)

Ice Sculpting
(Ice cubes and water = FUN!!! She cried when I put them away!)

Chair Wrestling
(Chair always wins unfortunately and this usually ends up with some bumps and bruises!)

Pillow Wrestling
(Safer choice of my little WWF girl)

Reading and Book Butchering
(She loves her board books, but has just found out that her paperbooks are MUCH more fun)

Shoe Shopping
(She dumps all her shoes and coats out daily and tries on different styles with each outfit- she usually tastes them too.)

Fort Construction
(this was our first one...she liked it as long as I was playing with her)

Party in the Fort
(Bumble Bee, Alien, Baby, and Duck made it to the party!)

Diaper Delivery!!
(Notice the 2 different sizes that are arriving...NEWBORN and cruisers!! Thanks mom and dad for the stock!! We definitely need them.)

(I'll give you these if you come close....)

Animal Affection

Hairball Removal

Running Kisses
(Notice the grimace on my face as I brace myself for this kiss....she likes to run full speed and lay a big one on me... I am NOT complaining! Her kisses are so sweet and she is so affectionate! I love it!)

Toy Placement
(All toys must come OUT of their nice organized containers...always. #1 rule.)

Couch Rolling
(This is where the giggles really come out each day...I love it, although I am sure Emily is ready to be OUT of my poor belly and in the fun!)

Nature Exploration
(A little stick eating, berry picking, rolling in the grass, dog watching)

And her favorite.... Meal Time!
(Which means a LOT of clean up time for mommy after the fact- notice the naked baby in some of the pictures above...the shirt had to come off after this meal!)
All in all we have an amazing day...these pictures don't even take up 1 of the hours of our day, but they are all special moments. We watch DVD's, dance and listen to music, have playpen time, do laundry together (yes, she finally will help!), pick up toys over and over, play hide and seek, explore the back porch, sweep, talk on the computer to family, attempt to color, look at mail and other fun things that can occupy our time. Those are just to name a few.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE MY JOB!!! Thank you Brad for helping make it possible...thank you friends and family for supporting me on the NOT so fun days, and thank you LORD for my precious little Caroline- she amazes me!!


  1. So sweet. :) I totally agree, wouldn't trade it for the world!
    You look wonderful, can't believe you have only 1 month left! I am about 3 weeks behind you. I'm only 31 weeks tomorrow.

  2. Thanks for sharing your day. Your pics end up spending a few minutes each day as wallpaper on my computer at work.