Sunday, January 10, 2010

Almost to 33...

Thanks to everyone who inquired and checked on us during our no hot water fiasco the other day. It was fixed by 4pm and the day turned out to be just fine! :)

As I mentioned in my last post we had our 32 weeks doctors appointment last Thursday. My belly measured exactly right and we got to listen to Emily's heartbeat and even catch a few glimpses of her during an ultrasound. She must have been sleeping or playing games with us during the ultrasound bc she would NOT move her hands away from her face for anything! We nudged and budged and jiggled her and she kept her little fists up in front of her the whole time. We were able to catch a few glimpses of her eyes and nose, but not a full facial view. Those 3-D ultrasounds are a little scary anyway, so I was content. All I can imagine is a little mini-Caroline face...simply because she is my only reference point! However, Brad and I think that Emily will come out looking totally different than Caroline- we are thinking she'll have brown hair, brown eyes...who knows. Caroline was quite a beautiful surprise...we know Emily will be too!

The plans right now are for me to continue to stay off my feet as much as possible and make it as long as I can up to around 39 weeks. We looked at dates for induction (we will do a c-section if we make it past 37 weeks) and Friday, February 26th was highlighted. SO...we'll see! That is only 7 weeks away!!! We can't wait and are so excited to meet her and have our newest addition in our arms!

Caroline is doing so much lately it is blowing my mind! She LOVES to play with her baby dolls...she must have an inkling of an idea whats coming her way. :) She feeds them baby bottles, puts diapers on them, gives her passy to them, and feeds them snack and juice. She loves playing in Emily's nursery and actually got to sit inside Emily's crib today...she wasn't sure what to think. The other day she was loading the crib down with all the toys she could find. I'm sure we are in for some adventures with Caroline taking care of Emily. When I ask her where baby Emily is she will point to my belly. So sweet. I know that Caroline has such a snuggly, lovey, caring personality and she is going to make such a great big sister. The first few months will most likely be VERY challenging...or make that the first few years....but after that my heart is overflowing with fun dreams about what my 2 girls will be like. Thank you Lord for these precious blessings!

On a totally different note- we have 2 Mercer Medical friends coming to stay with us Thursday and Friday night to interview at the hospital for residency programs. We are happy to offer a FREE home and meals to these guys since it seems like only yesterday we were blowing unbelievable amounts of $$ on interview trips for Brad. One of Brad's best buddies, Matt Barton who is living in Baltimore, MD is one of the guys- it is going to be GREAT to catch up. We can't wait! The other is Blake Kimbrell who is currently at Mercer now, about to graduate in May. We wish them the best of luck on their interviews and are crossing their fingers that AR may become their MATCH! :)


  1. My sweet, beautiful friend...that is the most beautiful pic on the top of your blog...and I can't believe what you endured a few nights ago. I love seeing into the life of a Dr's wife...I just can't believe the hours! I love you, Tess...take it easy!

  2. yay! love the pics!!! you and Emily look wonderful tess! :) it breaks my heart i can't make the trip out there this week :( i'm goin to be so sad when matt's there! but, we sure do appreciate you offering your home up b/c it is a MUCH needed break in expenses as you mentioned! :) take care mama!