Friday, January 8, 2010

If I were a hot water heater where would I be?

This morning has not had an amazing start to it! It can only get better...I hope. To let you share in my fun times I thought I would give you a recap of the past couple of days. Maybe I will find some humor in these situations after reflecting on them. :)

Brad was supposed to come home from working all day on Wednesday night- but he didn't come home at all. He got caught up in surgeries the entire night long and didn't make it out of the hospital until around 10 the next morning. When he is supposed to do this, it's no big deal. When he is supposed to come home and doesn't, I panic. So yesterday morning when I realized that I had no hubby in bed with me- yes it took me until 6:30 to realize this....I popped a benadryl the night before because I can't sleep being this round and pregnant- I started panicking. I knew there was ice and snow out and I worried something had happened to him on his way home last night. He doesn't answer his phone, texts, or anything...UNTIL almost 8:00. He had just walked out of the OR and was exhausted- but alive! So he came home and slept while I took Caroline to a friends house to play during my doctors appt. Brad actually woke from his slumber to come meet me for the doctor's appointment, then headed back home to bed again. We got to talk a few minutes in the waiting room at the office...that has started to count for our "romantic dates". Pretty sad. But anyway, I picked Caroline up and we played all afternoon at home until dinner, when daddy arose from the dead after being paged several times from the hospital. He has 2 pagers with him at all times this month...and he's the only resident on his rotation- plastic surgery. So anyway, we eat dinner together, he bathes Caroline, we put her to bed, and pretty soon after that we are in bed ourselves. We never make it more than an hour or 2 max after baby girl is asleep. So we got to talk for maybe....30 minutes? Who knows, but that is kind of the norm these days. We get to bed and both of us conk out exhausted from our previous day/night.

We forgot it was going to be in the single digits temp wise outside. Brad forgot and forgot to tell me that our landlord called to remind him to leave the water running so our pipes wouldn't freeze.

We toss and turn all night long because his pagers go off at least 4 times during the night- which means he has to turn on the light, call the nurses and solve issues over the phone. Well as uncomfortable as I was, I didn't really mind because I was awake tossing and turning myself trying to figure out creative ways to lay on my beach ball baby. I enjoyed hearing the medical chit chat and probably learned a few phrases. Well at 1 o'clock after a few phone calls and pages Brad had to get up, get dressed and go into the hospital to help a patient. Poor guy. As I took advantage of the empty bed and sprawled out to enjoy a little more room, I reminded him to eat a banana. In case he got stuck there until the next day, I wanted him to be fed. I have no idea how long he was gone, but he did return to bed at some point in the wee hours. He told me he had in fact eaten a banana, a honey bun, and drank a mocha frappachino that we had in our fridge. :) The pagers went off a couple more times until it was around 6:15 and Caroline started stirring. We had the monitor so we got to watch her play and talk a little. Brad didn't have to get up and out the door til around 7 so he actually was at the house when she woke up this a.m. I went to get baby, he went to get a shower....only I succeeded.

Our hot water wasn't working. The cold water, yes. But no hot. Then it hit my sweet tired husband.... "Oh, John left me a message about leaving our water running. I forgot." So we don't stress it, he does his hair all cute and spiked up, turns the water on NOW, and leaves for work....asking ME to call the landlord and do the dirty work. :) I am afraid to call the guy, so at 8:30 when Brad calls to check on things he decided to call the landlord himself. He did. Not a good response. Understandably. So, it's in our hands. I call my dad and try to figure out if there is anything I can do...hahahha. First assignment- find the hot water heater. After searching for about 30 minutes in all our closets, etc. Brad texts me that it is in our attic. I put Caroline down for her nap, bundle up in hats, gloves, coats and boots and head up into the attic VERY CAREFULLY to find this thing. I found it, called dad and we hem hawed around trying to figure things out, but I was clueless. After freezing my tail off I came down, called the landlord and told him to send a plumber out- we would take full responsibility for it and hopefully be able to get it fixed. So here we are now, waiting to hear from plumber. We'll see.

So that was just the biggest ordeal this a.m. To add to my morning were these fun things...
-Caroline was a tad fussy and didn't want to do anything this morning but be with her daddy- who was running out the door as fast as lightening.
-All Caroline wants to eat is oranges- or clementines (little ones w/o seeds) It makes her day to start breakfast off with one of those. As she is downing that I decided to make her eggs and sausage for breakfast. After flipping sausage all around and onto the floor (my coordination wasn't awake yet) and getting grease everywhere, the fire alarm in the kitchen started going off. Caroline nor the cat enjoyed this. I pulled it off the wall and just took the battery out. There was no smoke...just the threat of smoke I think. Aggravating!
-After she ate I reached for a cloth to wipe her down and realize- I can't use freezing cold water to do this! So like the pioneer days I get out a pot and boil some water to use. I felt like Laura Ingles. I know I will have to do it again at lunch time, so the pot is still there.
-And I am not really feeling the greatest with this baby thing this a.m. I feel like I should be sitting, and will for the rest of the day bc things aren't really feeling right. Everything will just have to wait.

And the day isn't even close to being 1/2 done. So the adventure begins...and my hubby already knows that he won't be home until late late late because his doctor he is working with continues to add on new cases to their work load today. So maybe he will make it home, maybe not.

I am happy for Brad because tomorrow night he gets to go on a hunting adventure- something he has been dying to do. One of his patients gave him and a buddy a free night at a hunting lodge, meals, and a free day on the land to go duck hunting. Brad's never been duck hunting, but he is excited. I hope it works out for him...he needs some kind of fun. BUT that means mommy and Caroline will be home alone again tomorrow night. He debated on leaving us, but I really want him to go. I am a bit nervous bc everyone around here told him that the ducks are not around if there is a freeze...which obviously, we are currently right in the middle of. It feels like -2 outside, is 7 degrees, and will only get up to the high teens today. Either way, we are being optimistic about his trip and even if he just gets a fun night at a lodge with good food, hopefully it will be a fun time.

Ok, I'm going to clean up the toys in the living room so that when little goose wakes up we can start round 2 with a clean room. :)


  1. and i thought i had a LONG little one woke up at 11pm and REMAINED awake ALL night! yes, WIDE AWAKE! I laid down in my bed for the first time at 9am this morning, when she went down for her nap. Never ever again will I be excited for a 3 hour am nap and a 2.5 hr pm nap the day before! :)

  2. Sorry about your lack of hot water. And with this weather it is certainly needed! Hope it gets fixed soon!

    Oh and one thing, when you add your pic to your header you need to check the "shrink to fit" button so the pic is the right size and not gigantic!

  3. I found your blog! Running water is a must for low temperatures, we have to do that just about every night up here in Danville, plus my family always did growing up. You are lucky your pipes didn't burst in the walls, that can produce huge disasters. I started a blog for us, if you want to follow the address is

  4. Tessa, you are a super woman to handle all of that and still have some humor about it all! i have been having a pity party for myself all week due to my husband's absence and my unusually demanding baby so thanks for sharing...i needed that! I hope next week is better for you! :)