Friday, November 19, 2010

Caroline is 2!

Today we celebrated Caroline birthday all day long! She may be the luckiest 2 year old ever because she is going to have a "birthday week" after all the festivities are finally over! Today we met some friends at the Wonder Place, went to Chick fil a, then celebrated at home the rest of the afternoon evening. She has had a full day of BIRTHDAY...and if you got to speak with her, she probably demanded you sing Happy Birthday to her. :) She had candle blowing practice more times than I can count and she is a pro at it. She has loved this birthday...and I can't wait to see how much she enjoys her "Sunny Days" aka Sesame Street party next Saturday. We can't wait to see all of our family and friends. Even at this moment....she is laying in bed and I can over hear her talking about "Birthday!! Caroline's birthday!!" Hopefully she'll drift off to sleep soon and dream about her fabulous day!

Little Emily was sweet as pie as Caroline enjoyed the spot light....she didn't really know WHAT the big deal was.:)

Daddy made it home for a few minutes to love on his girl before bedtime. He is on call tonight so he was in and out, but got to share in our fun!

Some things I love about my 2 year old...

her extreme excitement and wide eyed wonder

her love for people

how she loves her little sister

how she is starting to imagine and play pretend

how she adores her mommy...hopefully this won't ever change! ;)

how she laughs hard when I tickle her belly

how she loves to sing...or rather listen to me sing

how she loves her friends, and every song we sing somehow has to turn into the never-ending song that we add all our friends names into.

how she has a new obsession with lambs...she calls them baa baa's and sleeps with 3 of them

how she can buckle herself into her booster seat, car seat, and any other seat you can find

how she loves to play with money- mostly enjoys taking money out of daddy's "piggy bank" and transferring it to hers. She is a smart little cookie.

how she will open the refrigerator and climb into it...literally. I am pretty sure my mom told me a story about ANOTHER little girl who used to do that. :)

how she is so stinking amazes me the conversations we have, the dialogue she follows and how intuitive she is.

how she loves band aides...Dora the Explorer ones

how she is finally getting long enough hair to pull back into a pony tail...notice the pictures!

how she is the most perfect 1st born I could ever ask for!

Thank you Lord for my sweet Caroline. I am so blessed to be her mommy, her friend, her teacher, and her life long prayer warrior. I cannot wait to spend so many more HAPPY birthdays with her in the future.

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