Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sick Sweeties

I promise that I am not quitting the's just been a crazy few weeks. Both girls have been sick- and by sick, I mean break my heart sick. Fever, stuffy noses, coughs, up all night, need their mama's to hold them 24/7, pitiful sick. I am not sure if I would have rather them both been sick at the same time to get it all over and done with quicker...or have it this way where it has stretched past the 2 week mark. Thankfully, I think we're on the upward climb towards healthy again. I can honestly say, this has been the hardest few weeks I have ever had...being tired to begin with, but then truly being up back and forth between both girls on the hour, every hour, totally diminished whatever supply of patience and kindness I had stored up. Oh how thankful I am for good health now...I may start spraying us all down with Lysol before we enter and exit our house from now on. :) Needless to say- no pictures where taken during this fun time....thank goodness.

In the meantime, I hosted a baby shower for our sweet friend Rachel. She is about to welcome their 2nd little girl into the family very soon....the 29th of this month if she doesn't come sooner. I loved spending time with her and her sweet family and reflecting on the fun and exciting moments I had before we met Miss Emily. Oh what fun 2nd children add to the mix. Such little blessings! We can't wait to meet Charlotte Anne Richey.

We also had sweet Emily's baby dedication at church on Saturday. It was a very special celebration of her new life and our commitment to her to raise her in Godly home environment. More on that to come...when I get pictures.

And when I do get pictures you will see my new hair color! Yes, call me a wild child, but I decided to go dark...very dark...for the winter, in hopes of getting back to my natural color. That will leave you hanging until the pictures come. :)

One of the biggest blessings this past weekend was Nana Deb and Nik made a quick, surprise visit to Little Rock to help us out with our busy, busy weekend of baby dedication, baby shower hosting, and sick babies. We were SO thankful they came and helped us- Brad continued to ask me that weekend, "How were you going to do all of this by yourself??" I didn't really have an answer for him, and was happy I didn't have to because they were here to assist. :) Thank you thank you thank you for coming and saving the day! The girls loved seeing you and we look forward to seeing you again soon for Thanksgiving!

AND....CAROLINE TURNS 2 TOMORROW!!! Aghh!!!! I can't believe it and plan on spending some time tonight reflecting, and recording special thoughts about her and her vivacious 2 years of life. We will celebrate small tomorrow, then BIG the next weekend when we have her birthday party. SHE. IS. SO. EXCITED. :)

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