Monday, November 1, 2010

Fall Festival, Wonderplace fun

We had SO much fun this Halloween! Caroline had a blast (despite some of the frowny face pictures below). She loved wearing her costume and seeing all the other children dressed up. We went to The Munsons with another family for a fabulous dinner and then piled up and drove to Fellowship Bible Church for the HUGE fall festival they put on each year. It was a little warm (like 79 degrees) so I had a hard time making the girls wear there fuzzy, warm costumes. Caroline loved hers and didn't mind...and I only made Emily wear hers while we were at the festival. They were precious! We played games, filled our Elmo trick or treat bucket with lots of candy, saw Clifford the big red dog, pet some goats, danced with Veggie Tales, and so much more. We had a blast...I know that they will enjoy it even more in the years to come. I am so thankful for fall festivals because we don't really want to celebrate Halloween with the girls. These pics are in NO order and are quite I mentioned in a previous post- getting a good picture is like pulling teeth with these two! Hopefully you will enjoy looking at them despite the frustrating attempts I had trying to capture my cute little sunflower whenever she paused for more than a split second and when Miss Ladybug wasn't crawling, pulling, or eating anything dangerous.

Despite the look of concern on their faces, they had a blast! They were just taking in all the sights.

And the fun begins...

The award winner.... no frowns, both of their faces, and pretty scenery:)

Checking out David's Lion costume

And here are some pics before church Sunday morning. We finally got to put the girls in corduroy fall outfits! Yahoo! So what if it got up to 80...they looked cute.

The Wonderplace
The Wonderplace is WONDERful!! We had a blast on Friday morning and the girls loved it so much I ended up taking them back for the afternoon after we had our naps. There is so much for them to do and Caroline is at the perfect age where she is starting to actually pretend and make believe. We had the place almost totally to ourselves so we were free to run/crawl around as we pleased.

Caroline LOVED the sand table.

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