Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sister Love

A picture is worth a thousand words...

Dear Caroline and Emily-
At ages 2 and 3 you have truly found your first best friend! It thrills me and melts my heart in a puddle when I see you loving on one another and playing so happily together. Hannah watches with amazement and will soon join in all the shenanigans. It is my prayer that you 3 girls will be the best of friends through out life. It is my joy to show you how blessed you are because you have sisters and because you are someones sister. I marvel at how well you have learned to share and enjoy sharing with each other. I love that you are constantly thinking about one another. I love hearing you start to play make believe together. I love hearing your giggles and silly songs at night through your bedroom door. I love hearing you call one anothers name...and pray that you will ALWAYS be quick to call on each other.  You show me God's grace and love each and every day we spend together. Your mommy is crazzzzy about you.

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