Tuesday, July 7, 2009

REWIND the weekend

Monday evening we met the Rutledges at the Big Dam Bridge- no, I didn't cuss. That is what it's called. It is a huge dam over the Arkansas River that lets barges through all day long. I guess that is it's main purpose, but 2nd to that it is a hot spot for bikers, walkers, joggers, etc. We decided since it was not particularly scorching that evening to walk a little ways. We only made it half way before baby girl was ready for her dinner, but it was fun. I would love to go back sometime soon and do the whole bridge- but little love will have to be in a great mood for that one. She doesn't like either of her strollers much anymore, so the carrier is what we have been using and it seems to be pacifying her for the most part...for now at least. After that, I'm not sure what we'll try. Amber mentioned she had a red wagon. We may be sporting that next week! :)

She got a good little nap in before the adventure.

This is where you start- well you can start on both sides, but this was our side of the river.

Amazingly we ran into THE only other person I know in Little Rock- my 2nd cousin Travis. He was enjoying the evening as well.

Both dads were post call with almost no sleep- so major props go out to them for enjoying an evening with the family. Notice they are both propped up on the rail, probably trying to keep themselves from falling down they were so tired. I must say, Brad was sporting baby girl as best he could...she enjoyed riding on her daddy for the way up the bridge, but insisted mommy carry her down on the way back.

I want to stop here for a minute and tell you what troopers these boys are! They have only been new residents for 6 days- and both had around 79 hours logged already. They have been busting their tails working non-stop everyday and their brains are officially on overload. BUT, they are turning into doctors!! It's so fun to hear the new milestones they hit each day. And it is reassuring that they are in a profession that they LOVE. Brad really has enjoyed his work- apart from the tiredness. From wearing 6 pagers at once, answering all consultations, and writing/dictating discharge summaries and notes all day long- these boys deserve a medal....or at least a nice walk across a bridge. :)

Caroline got her first set of wheels this weekend! She has with out a doubt gotten bored out of her mind with all her "baby toys" and has needed something new and exciting to entertain her through out our days at home. So we made a trek to wally world and picked out this fun toy and some new books. I must say, books are her favorite- no toy has yet to pique her interest as much as her touch and feel books. I'm glad- books don't take near as much effort on mommy's part!

CGH was sporting her Georgia onesie today and we really were asked if that was for the Greenbay Packers. REALLY?? No, GOOOOOOO DAWGS!! SIC 'EM!


Even though daddy was post call and very sleepy on the 4th, we made it out to a few festivities at the Clinton Library Park. They had moonwalks, music, yummy fair food (which we gave in and got a foot long corn dog, nachos, and a lemonade!) and lots of people. It was very hot, but we enjoyed it for as long as we could. No fireworks this year- except for the ones outside our window around 10:00 that woke us up. We missed being with friends and family a lot! Holidays- even as small as the 4th of July- are just not the same with out your loved ones.

I love this picture...but the silly girl climbing the hill like Godzilla kinda ruins it.

You can't catch me!!

Why can't I jump on those bouncey things??


  1. love the pics :) so glad brad is loving it there! i can't imagine 6 pagers!?! holy cow. i'd go crazy! :) thank goodness that's why our guys do that part :) CGH is growing up TOO fast! she's such a big girl already!!!

  2. Hey, there's our cousin, Travis! How fun. So great to find your blog & keep up w/you this way. Come see us!
    Glad that Brad is doing so well & enjoying his new job so far!

  3. You have been blessed! The pictures are wonderful! I'm so proud of all of you. I miss you terribly, but am so thankful for computers and web-cams!! I didn't know you could walk across the bridge. Maybe we'll walk it with you during our next visit. Lots of love...mom

  4. i love that pic of sweet caroline, too. we've got to crop out the godzilla girl...i think it could be a baby mag cover!!! :)