Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Big Girl Shoes!

Ok, so is it just me or do Caroline's new shoes make her look like such a big girl?? Or is it the little bike she's riding, or the teeth she's sporting? I think she is really getting big...despite my efforts to keep her in "babydom" forever. We may have a toddler on our hands! She officially has started crawling- on her 8 month bday she realized she could go wherever she wanted as fast as she wanted if she would put forth a little effort...she has the will...so she will find a way! Then today, she was supposed to be napping and I noticed she was making a little bit of "conversation" via the monitor, so I peeked at the video monitor...only to see her feet. She was standing up in her crib! We knew the day was coming, but it's blowing my mind how fast it has arrived! So I went in and luckily was able to capture a picture, then put her back to sleep, despite both of our excitement. She looks like she is giving a little "devilish" grin...which could mean she's up to no good. Hopefully she'll be able to figure out how to get back down once she's pulled herself up...or it could be an even longer-louder night time routine. I officially let her cry it out the whole night last night...again. I feel like I've done this 77 times, but I have officially hit exhaustion- so it's time. She slept from 7-2:45. Then she cried, and cried, and cried. Now, some parents tell me "I know it's horrible! Our baby cried for like...45 minutes!" Well, we have a bit of a different child on our hands. She can cry like the best of them and proceeded to cry for 2 1/2 hours- around 5 when daddy left for work she went back to sleep and didn't budge til 7:45 (wahoo!!). Hopefully tonight we'll have a little less....and then a little less...until hopefully she's snoozing through the night. We'll see. Pray hard! She's a tough cookie!!

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  1. oh, that's tough about sleeping through the night thing. I'll be praying for you! Will she take a paci at night and keep it in perhaps? I did that with my last one and that helped some.