Friday, July 3, 2009

Think on these things

Today was one of those days where it just seemed like everything went wrong that could go wrong and little Caroline didn't seem to be on the same page with me no matter how hard I tried. We started our day off extra early, which didn't help, and naps were not as long as I would have hoped for. I tried to take her out to see the Peabody Hotel Duck fanfare- she screamed most the time we were there and wouldn't sit in her stroller (see video). So then we tried swimming- lasted 10 minutes. I think it took an hour to get ready and get there. Oh well. Then we came inside and attempted to play- not going to have it. Mommy was tired, and evidently so was sweetpea because I finally had no other choice/or idea but to pick her up, throw her in the car and drive. We drove about 1/2 mile and she conked out and took a good 45 minute nap, during which I was having phone therapy and a Dr.Pepper. I knew today was going to be a long day because Brad is on call and wouldn't be home to break up the evening. And to pout just a little bit more...he'll be home in the a.m. after morning rounds, sleep all day, and then go back Sunday morning and stay the night again. BUT I could go on and on about the "not fun" aspects of my day, but I think I'll choose to cling to this verse instead:

“Finally, brothers (or sisters :)), whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things” (Philippians 4:8 ESV).

So on that note, let's change gears. As I bathed Caroline and got her ready for bed my mind started filling with all the many different things I love about her. She is SUCH a blessing in my life and I could not count a day like today against her. My mind was flooded with all the sweet things about my little girl. It's almost a nightly routine of mine that as I'm putting her down for the night I get teary eyed thinking about all that she means to me. She is growing up so fast, and constantly amazes me.

Things I love about Caroline Grace (7 months 3 weeks old)

-I love how she needs me.

-I love how she breaths me and practically eats my face when she's upset and needs her mama.

-I love her sweet voice.

- I love how she is experimenting with new sounds and inflections.

-I love that you greet everyone you meet with a smile and a coo.

-I love that you have the fastest growing fingernails that I have ever seen.

-I love that you keep one eye barely open when you're falling asleep as if to say "not yet...don't lay me down just yet..."

-I love to watch you sleep in my arms

-I love how you take one last big sigh before you give it up and finally fall to sleep at night

- I love you how know when to be gentle and play with my hair and face while you fall asleep

-I love the way you will sit up and give me the biggest sweetest smile when you know you are supposed to be getting sleepy

-I love the way you and I share moments/looks that makes it feel like we are sharing our own personal joke

-I love how you think I'm hilarious

-I love how you belly laugh and snort when I get you tickled

-I love how you enjoy meal love to eat!!

-I love feeding you with a spoon- we now play airplane and make funny noises to make it that much more enjoyable.

-I love how you love to stand up...all the time.

-I love how you think you can stand up on your own, but can't

-I love how you are a tough girl and don't cry when you fall

-I love how you know how to "turn on the waterworks" just for pity- sometimes it works!

-I love how you have private conversations with the big teddy bear in your room that aunt Cara gave you.

-I love how you have discovered how to knock down blocks- and refuse for them to stay stacked

-I love how you stick your bath toys ALL the way in your mouth at all times

-I love that you love bath time with your daddy

-I love how you look in your towels

-I love your strawberry blond hair and eyebrows

-I love that you have the most perfect nose

-I love that you kiss me on the lips

-I love that you are mesmerized by TV, most of all Baby Einstein

-I love that you can sit up and crawl (when you want to)

-I love that you LOVE to read books- that may be your favorite activity

-I love that you turn the pages in the book

-I love that you love paper- any kind...mail, magazines, books, etc. and try to eat it immediately

-I love that you eat price tags off of items and they get so soggy the clerk can't check us out.

-I love that you enjoy seeing your family on the computer and really have recognized their faces and voices finally

-I love that you wake up so stinking happy in the morning

-I love that you enjoy playing in our big bed once you wake up and mommy can't seem to get going!

-I love that you have started putting puffs into your mouth all by yourself- though I don't think you really like the flavor

-I love that you make funny faces when you taste things that are new

-I love that you enjoy being outside

-I love that you have a fascination with plants- trees, leaves, flowers

-I love that you love other babies- and scream with delight when they start to play with you

-I love that you move your hands and feet in all directions when you get excited

-I love that you have 2 favorite books- Baby Animals Touch and Feel and At the Zoo- we retired Corduroy goes to the Doctor...

-I love that you enjoy typing on the computer

-I love that you have big feet like your mommy

-I love your fascination with Isabelle the cat- and the fact that Isabelle actually likes you!

-I love that you love being blown on- it gets you every time

-I love that you enjoy your car seat most of the time

-I love that you suck on your passy EVERY way imaginable except the "right" way

-I love that you love Hippity Hop the white scruffy bunny

And the list could go on and on, but I'll end with one last thing...

-I love that you love me unconditionally...even when I have bad days like today.

I have learned so many new lessons since I have become a parent that have helped me understand and relate to my Heavenly Father in such a new way. If I feel this way for my own sweet little one, how much love does God have for all His children? And to press on a bit in the WORLD did He sacrifice His only son...for me? Who and what am I to deserve that? Would I do the same? I'm afraid of that answer. So I guess I'm getting a little deep here, but that's the power of Love I guess. Love from a child, and love from my Savior. I am so blessed.


  1. Hi Tess! I understand those days, and I know so well the sentiments you've expressed. What blessings these precious girls are in our lives! Caroline is adorable. I would love to get our little ones together one day...will be praying for you!

  2. Oh my gosh Tessa I'm tearing up. That was so beautifully written. I'm now learning about those days and sleepless nights with our 3 week old. Michael took EK on a loooong drive last night cause she wouldn't quite screaming. she conked out as soon as she got out of the driveway. I love car rides.
    Thanks for the encouragement. It's a whole new way to look at that verse. Hope today is better for you and her schedule!

  3. I'm tearing up, too. You are such a good mama and a good person, Tessa. I'm so happy for you and Brad and Caroline ~ she is SO blessed to have you, just as you are blessed to have her.

    Love you, friend!!

  4. Way to make me cry at my desk on Monday morning. I feel the same way about my little one and you are so smart to get it down in words. I think I'll do the same in my journal to her. Love you tess!

  5. Hey dear cuz. I loved reading this. I love that you love your baby girl SO much. We all have those kinds of days, even after having 5 kids.
    Children are a gift from God and you so eloquently shared about her as a gift to you!
    Love you and glad to have found your blog.

  6. Beautiful, Tess. You now have a mother's heart with a mother's love:) You are one of the best gifts God has ever given to me. I love you! Mom