Friday, July 10, 2009

Secret Admirerers

I have been spoiled this week!!! I must say it has been a rough week...not feeling good, busy husband, tiny apartment, firecracker of a baby that NEVER stops and still won't sleep through the night....anyway, it all started feeling a bit heavy. Until my days were brightened by these SWEET surprises!! My amazing sister, Cara, sent me the most gorgeous edible arrangement of fresh fruit...yummy!! It was delicious. I was SO excited to see it arrive on Tuesday afternoon.

Then today, what do I find at my door?? But a box from Mrs. Fields Cookie Company! It had a whole bunch of different sweet treats and yummy snacks in it. I frantically searched to find out who blessed me with my sugar high for the day, but there was no name attached to the message. SO...if whoever sent me the sweet cookies will fess up and admit to your thoughtfulness, I want to thank you!!

Thanks to everyone for your calls, goodies, mail, packages, and listening ears. You have all been my rock through the past few weeks. I love you all very much. I wish I could share my cookies with you!


  1. You have a very thoughtful sister. I'm glad she's getting to come visit--break out the yo! Mom and I are so blessed to have such wonderful daughters WITH wonderful husbands!

  2. You are blessed w/a wonderful family, Tess. I hope the adjustment phase is over for you soon!