Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hello Goodbye

This is a teeny tiny post, but I wanted to document the fact that Caroline has been passy free for over a month! After our trip to Hilton Head we started "saving" her passy for bedtime/nap time. I never dreamt it would be as easy as it has....thank you Lord!!

AND....drum roll please....Emily has decided she will use a passy!! We have tried and tried the past 7 months and she would not have anything to do with it. Tuesday she had a change of heart. Oh how calm and collected she is!! It is blowing me away how helpful that little passy is. It makes me laugh that it was almost this time EXACTLY when Caroline picked up the passy for the first time too. I am not ashamed. It makes for such a more enjoyable evening and a less fussy baby girl. Hopefully she will drop the habit when it's time as easily as big sister did.

Last night Amber came over with a bag full of supplies and she and I attempted to make Levi a 1st birthday t shirt. Neither of us had a clue what we were doing, but we were up until after midnight stitching away (take note- we don't have a sewing machine) and I am happy to say that we made some super cute shirts- we made one each just in case something went wrong with one of them, we'd have a fall back. I may have a new hobby....and a new desire for a sewing machine. I can only begin to imagine all the cute things I could make for the girls! Anyway, it was a fun creative outlet and so much fun to have girly convo for a whole evening...even if we could barely make a complete coherent sentence bc we were so sleepy....I loved it! She will have to send me some pictures of the shirt for me to show you.

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