Friday, October 1, 2010

Vacation and another month older

Fair warning- this may be a super long post and it has a gazillion pictures. I have been trying to get vacation pictures up and do a recap of the girls at 22 months and 7 months so I decided just to combine them into one big blog. First, I want to give credit to the AMAZING photographer that captures the beauty of my little ones- my fabulous friend/sister in-law, Niki. She has always done and amazing job at taking pictures all the time, and these are some more of her work. She loves my girls to death and they reciprocate that love right back. She is an amazing friend who I would do anything for. Thank you for taking all these "memories" that we will hold onto forever.

Here are some pics from our photo session on the golf course. We got up early one morning and actually captured a few really good ones of everyone involved.

This next one is the 2nd runner up for the family shot- minus my skelator neck. But Niki is in it, so it qualifies.

Miss Emily Anne- these pictures were at 6 1/2months, but you are now 7 months old! You continue to grow and amaze me each month that goes by. You are so observant and pay very close attention to everything that is going on around you. You especially love to watch your big sister in action. Here are some things I love about you at this stage-
-how you flirt and charm everyone around you
-how you can be ever so serious one minute, then giggling laughing the next
-how you study things with your brow furrowed
-how you love to touch and feel (and sneak a few tastes) of the grass and leaves outside
-how you are ticklish under your arms and I can always get a giggle from giving you belly kisses
-how you enjoy your baby food and cereal- you love it all!! The only thing you turned your nose up to once was peas...but after I warmed it up for you, you ate it.
-how you will play contently by yourself for a little while. You love digging in buckets and containers to discover each and every toy inside.
-how you flick your hands bang on everything
-how you enjoy playing with pots and pans and hearing the loud noises they make
-how you have decided its BEST to be standing...even if you can't quite do it on your own. You love to be up on your feet and have really started jumping/bouncing in your excersaucer now.
-how you want to eat books- not read them.
-how you can go from screaming, raging mad (especially during church nursery) and then when I come in you smile and giggle. Oh how you know how to play the game!
-How you are starting to sleep a lot better....still not quite where I would like you, but soon, I can feel it. I am getting up only once a night now and that is a major improvement!
-You are wearing some 9 month dresses, but mostly 12-18 month clothes. Size 4 diapers. Probably about 20-22 lbs :) Your chubby little legs get THE most attention and little squeezes. I love your sweet legs but am getting a little nervous about the changing, colder weather- leggings are not your thing sweet pea. :)
- how I can cradle you and steal all your sweet baby kisses anytime I want, and you always oblige. I love you Emily Anne.

6 month photo shoot

Look at those curves!!

Caroline Grace turned 22 months the day after we left Hilton you know how close she is to 2??? She is my silly sunshine that makes my days full of joy, and a lot of busy, fast, crazy, emotions from both of us! Oh how I love your little personality- one that never ceases to amaze the people you are around. You are very outgoing, vibrant, and LOVE life. Passionate. Excited. Sweet. Here are some things I love about you-
-your new "squeal" or screech when you are excited about something- it is almost deafening when you are really happy, but we can't stop you- it's too cute to watch.
-your continued development in speech- you are putting all kinds of words together, making 2 word sentences, repeating any and everything, understanding EVERYTHING that anyone says or asks you to do, saying words that belong together by association, oh it's amazing. You are so much fun.
-how you appease your mommy by saying "ok" to everything I say like I am coming up with the greatest ideas EVER! You nod your head withe most convicting look on your face. You also shrug your shoulders sometimes as if to say, I don't know...or who knows??? This also has it's flip side of you screaming NO at the top of your little lungs til you are red in the face, but most of the time the ok's are more frequent.
-how you still love to hold and cuddle me. You started saying "Hold You!" which really means, hold ironic that Nana said that daddy used to say the same thing! I know that melts her heart to hear you say it.
-you know your colors and some shapes so well. We are working on numbers and alphabet. You love to say the #2 and #6. You like to say the letter "S" and "x".
-you are still in love with books and probably enjoy our time reading books through out the day the most out of everything we do together.
-the way you say "happy! happy" to Emily when she is fussing.
-the way she hugs and kisses every time she hears the Barney song- I love you, you love me...etc. She must get a hug and a kiss from everyone when they sing that part.
-the way she shouts HI to everyone and everything that walks by, drives by, flies by, ANYTIME. It is precious.
-the way she loves to play in any type of fort- pillows, sheets, blankets, it absolutely thrills her soul to build a fort. She pronounces it a little funny..."fouk" not to crazy about how that sounds, but it's hilarious.
-the way she compares everything to a mommy and a baby- if it's big or little. Towels, pictures of animals,leaves, cans of sprinkles (her new favorite treat).
-the way we jam out to Sesame Street Intro song every morning. You love it and we watch it about 10 times- thank goodness for DVR.
-how she picks Isabelle, our cat, up and Izzy allows it! They are best buds. But when Izzy runs inside the house (she's an outside cat) Caroline will yell "BAD! BAD!"
-how she thinks she is now big enough to pick Emily quite, but we do oblige her and let her "hold" Emily on her lap. Emily isn't such a huge fan of that right now because it usually leads to her getting strangled and knocked down.
-how she giggles and her dimples show
-how she is obsessed with squirrels and their eating of "nuths". :)
-how you will play in the dirt, mud, grass, rocks until you are literally covered head to toe. You loved the sand and the beach and rolled around in it til your little heart was content. You may have a little "boy" to you in that sense.
-how she is starting to sing and will choose certain words to belt out during the songs.
I love you sweet and spunky Caroline. You are brilliant and so much fun. Your wonder and awe about the world around you make you so special. I love you to the moon and back.

Your ENERGY in motion! Classic Caroline right here....

Your first pony ride! Romeo was a great pony that will forever be talked about.

And here are the sisters in action together. I can only imagine what next year will like. It makes my heart leap for joy when I see them interact. Thank you Lord for sisters!

Nana got my little red headed girls matching Ariel swim suits :)

And last but not at all are some pictures of me and my true love :) SOMEONE told us that getting married "ruined" our picture taking ability. Hilarious thought...but totally true. We attempted to capture a littl romance in these. ;)

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