Wednesday, October 27, 2010


We all know that having young children is a tough job. Pretty much every aspect of their world takes priority over your own as a mother- everything. Sleep, eating, bathing, using the bathroom, etc. I am pretty sure that almost every mother out there has experienced some crazy things in the midst of raising their children, however, mine seem to be happening on a daily basis...and are getting a bit more extreme as the days go by. My dignity and pride has completely slipped out the door and I am not expecting them to return any time soon.

Yesterday morning I decided to take the girls to meet my sweet friend Laura and her little boy David at a shopping center that we love to visit- it has fountains, fun stores, and all sorts of things to do. We piled in the van, had all the appropriate clothing, shoes, snacks, juice, teethers, purse, wallet, diaper bag, dvd, etc. that it takes to make a journey out of the house. We get to the shopping center and proceed to get out of the van, just grab the single stroller for Emily, and hold Carolines hand. I didn't need my purse since we were just playing (aka not spending money). We are a few minutes early so we go inside one of Carolines favorite little shops- its called The Toggery- a cutesy, expensive, children's boutique with a play area set up for the kids to play in. I dream of one day dressing my girls, while the 2 sweeties play in the designated area. Laura and David show up and join in the fun.

Well, about 5 minutes later the front door opens to the store and a lady yells anxiously "Does anyone in here drive a red van??" Oh jeez. "I do!" I said approaching her, but not quite close enough to be in "private conversation" territory. She proceeds to tell me, rather loudly "Well your van doors are wide open and your purse and everything is sitting right there in the front seat." Ok, I've admittedly left the van door open once the chaos of getting the girls in and out of the correct seats, etc. and the remote button sometimes just doesn't' get pushed to close it. So I think it's just the girls door. I run outside to be greeted by a GROUP of people surrounding my van. "Oh thank goodness! We thought maybe you had been abducted!! With your purse and all still in side...." And then I understand. Not only was the girls van door left open, but my driver side door is wide open as well. With my purse right up front showcasing my wallet to the world. I mumbled something and tried to assure them that we were fine...just a little crazy and tired with my 2 babies. I am sure my face was about the color of our van as everyone scurried off their own way and I closed the appropriate doors, grabbed my purse, and beelined back into the store that had my children inside, the owners probably calling protective services on me after hearing this story, and hung my head in shame to sweet Laura. She assured me that she had done things like that when her boys were young...but probably was just saying that to a) hide her shock and horror b)make me feel better c)say ANYTHING that didn't sound like "ARE YOU CRAZY?"

I blame it on sleep deprivation...going on 8 months now without it. An earlier bedtime is now in place for me- in order to keep up with my wallet and my van. Praise the Lord nothing had been stolen...say, like my wallet, or MY VAN!! I am positive that I was the topic of convo at many dinner tables last night.

Today was my first day to have Lou come and watch the girls for 2 hours while I ran errands, grocery shopped etc. I will write about that later. But I went to Walmart, bought groceries, came home, and enjoyed "reuniting" with the girls when I walked in the door. 30 minutes later after talking with Lou and just hanging out, we say goodbye, and close the front door. 2 minutes later Lou knocks and says, "Would you like me to help you with your groceries?" AGHHH!!! I had popped the trunk to the van, left it open when I came inside, fully planning on coming right back out to get all the food (since there was freezer and fridge stuff in the bags). So we both grab the food and drag it inside. I was SO thankful she thought to check when she saw the van trunk open....she knows me well....or else the bags would have sat there until this evening when our neighbors got home, because they always notice things like that (like van lights left on at night...that run the battery down on the van!) So again, so grateful that I did not lose a) my groceries b)all the money spent on them c) my babysitter. She said she'd see me next week ;)

So hopefully this encouraged you and made you feel like you are ON TOP of things. Clearly, and humbly, I admit I am not. The good news is I can laugh about these things now...and hopefully will always remember to laugh. And one day, when my girls are mothers and have misplaced their minds, I will say....I have been there!

Last but not least...when I have terrible, horrible, embarrassing, no good, very bad days (which averages about 1-2 times a week) I have a new plan. Instead of pouting and dwelling and pitying myself...I am going to turn on this song, dance, sing, and make my girls giggle....maybe you can start doing the same thing. There is no WAY you can stay down when you hear this song. :)


  1. I have SO had days like this. In fact, every morning I take the baby to daycare before I take my 8 year old to school. One day, Jenna (8) asks me why I won't ever take her first. I had to admit to her that I do this because I have a FEAR of leaving the baby in the car while I am at work. I know if I were to leave Jenna, she would at least speak up. I wish I could think of some of my DUH-lirious moments to share with you, but truly, I am too DUH-lirious to even remember any.

  2. Girl. I can totally sympathize with you... I don't have 2, but I have done some crazy things with 1! Like leaving the garage door open so that the dogs can break into the house and destroy it...or looking for my glasses when they are on my head...the list goes on and on. You are not alone. I love you and you are an awesome mommy!

  3. Hey, I have 3! So, you know I have been right there with you. It gets better, I PROMISE! And, for the most part, the good days outnumber the bad days (eventually)! You are not alone-I remember leaving the house and coming home to the door open before as well. And, we have forgotten groceries in the car, plus we lock the keys in the car at least once a week! Hold your head up high and carry know from working at WES you are still one of the BEST mommies out there! Love you and wish I was meeting you for shopping trips with the kids. At least I could laugh with you :)