Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pumpkin Patch 2010

We took a trip to Motley's Pumpkin patch with a big group of friends the first weekend in October. It was SO hot!! The weather is unusually hot but we enjoyed remembering LAST years trip when it was chilly and we got to wear jackets and hats....oh well. A little sweat didn't kill us. We got to enjoy a tiny little petting zoo area, the patch with all the pumpkins, a Cow train ride, a hay ride, pig racing, and hay climbing! Caroline enjoyed it and went 90 miles an hour from one thing to the next. She jumped straight in the middle of the pumpkin patch and would get her feet all tangled in the vines trying to pick up the largest, heaviest pumpkins. She was happy and content with the little "baby" pumpkins that she and Emily came home with. As for a fabulous family shot, it didn't really happen. But our sweet friend Rachel (an ENT intern that joined us that day) took some of the pictures below to capture our fun times.

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