Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Jeep

The girls inherited a wonderful Barbie jeep from our friends that moved away. I was hesitant to take it (with visions of me chasing my girls down Brentwood at a lightning pace, baby in hand) but the GREATEST part of this jeep is that it is stuck in "low" gear and only crawls as fast as a snail. I had no idea how smitten my girls would become with this jeep- but Emily has a very serious love affair with the jeep. She wakes up asking for it (still after 4 months of having it), she wants to ride in it every time we step foot outside, and usually before bed she checks out the windows to see how it is doing in the yard. We just got back inside at 7:15 a.m. after I had my morning coffee on the steps while I watched Emily say good morning to the "eep!" The funny thing about Emily and the jeep is that she wants to be driven...she doesn't want to drive. Kind of like Driving Miss Daisy. She beckons Caroline to come drive her, and if Caroline is not willing, she just sits and admires the jeep and the scenery around her...even in 112 degree temps.

 I'm thankful for the jeep and the many hours of fun it has already given us. Thanks Richey family for making Emily's dreams come true...lol...I can TOTALLY see Emily picking out a pink jeep when she turns 16 and being just as excited about sitting in it. I wonder if I can suggest her first real car be stuck in low gear and only go 30 mph. I'll work on that.

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  1. So glad that the Jeep is such a loved item! It makes us all so happy to know that it is bringing such joy!