Friday, July 20, 2012

Hannah- 5months-8months

Wow. I just watched my babygirl grow up right before my very eyes as I uploaded these pictures. Crazy that the time it took to get our computer up and running again (which leads to camera picture downloading) I get to see my sweet Hannah baby change from 5 months old to almost 8 months old(she is really almost 9 months old now but the pics are older)... How does this happen so fast? UGH. She is the most adorable little love...who is not so "little" anymore:(

Yes, that is spit up coming out of Hannah's mouth...perfect timing.

Her first jump in the jumper...she didn't fall in love with that thing like I had hoped.

That passy in H's mouth disappeared around 6 months...she now uses her little fingers.

Comatose by the time daddy gets home from work...but attempting to get some snuggle time in anyway:)
First jumps in her jumper...we are STILL trying to get her to love this thing. Nothing substitutes mommy's arms.

My role as a short-order cook just got harder...3 little tummies to fill each meal is a job:) But I love it.
Caroline is dead set on teaching Hannah to use the iphone. Hannah just wants to eat it. One day she will realize what her sisters were telling her:)

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