Thursday, July 5, 2012

8 months??

Where has our baby gone?? Little Hannah is 8 months old and changing every single day.
-she is contemplating crawling and does a lot of bouncing on all 4's
- she has figured out how to sit up by herself in her crib...but not how to lay back down...a little trouble at nap time
-sleeping for 12+ hours at night!!!!! Yahoo! She won the prize at earliest sleeper in our crew. PTL!
-size 12-18 month clothes, size 3 diapers
-sucks her ring and middle fingers when she is tired- no more passy
-sleeps with her bunny lovey
-bounces/dances to any beat or music
-LOVES her sisters:) still laughs uncontrollably at carolines antics...but who doesn't??
-very INTENSE and opinionated like Caroline and Emily were at this age

Look at these eyes...oh boy.

You stole my heart when you came into our lives sweet Hannah! Hard to believe you are growing and changing so fast. I am enjoying each moment of your babyhood and steal as much baby sugar as I can from you everyday. You are precious and we love you.
PS- everyone says you look like ME...thrills my heart! Finally a child who resembles me:)

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