Sunday, December 16, 2012

December 16th

We did a little Christmas baking today. Brad requested those peanut buttery-cornflake treats...
They are delicious. Caroline loves them...Em isn't a fan (more for us!)


I got to take Caroline out for her first Christmas gift shopping trip. She picked out some gifts of love for daddy, Emily, and Hannah. She did a great job of focusing on the people she was buying for during the first 30 minutes. Then it kinda turned into a "tell Emily I want this!! Tell Hannah I want this!!" We wrapped the goodies and put them in their stockings and under the tree. I told her not to mention it to Em- at this point in her life she would demand to open it ad pitch a raging I told cgh just to tell her "you are going to get a surprise on Christmas!!" We will see how long she can keep a secret from her sister;)

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