Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Silly moments

-I woke up and found Hannah awake in her crib with about 15 articles of clothing in her bed. She must have been working very diligently as she pulled all those clothes from the storage tub next to her crib.
- Caroline has started referring to Hannah as "Han-ta". This makes me laugh so hard. Tis the season (for Santa) it amazes me how cgh comes up with these things.
-Caroline and Emily sang Christmas carols all through target today - I overheard another little girl say "mommy! Look at that buggy full of girls!" Like we were a spectacular sight:)
-Emily and Caroline played SO well together this morning. After an unusually quiet few minutes of the girls in the playroom CGH runs to me and requests a "little sweeper thing" and says she can't tell me why. I take a deep breath, pause and pray nothing too awful has occurred, then calmly promise I won't be upset but want to know what happened. CGH said, "it's awful. Em made me do it." Probably 100% truth;) I go down to the too quiet playroom and Emily and Caroline have about 6 pairs of scissors out and have "re-styled" all of their stuffed animals and babydolls hair. There was fur and yarn everywhere. We quickly reviewed that we only cut paper, grabbed the DustBuster and cleaned up the damage. I couldn't help but laugh and look at each of the new "do's". Zoe's (from sesame) got the raw end of the deal;)
-for the past month I wake Caroline from her afternoon naps...and I take a few moments to just look at her... And her bulging belly where she crams her babydoll into her pants/leggings/tights. She wakes up pregnant everyday. Cracks me up that she sleeps like that.

I may capture some pictures of this fun tomorrow!

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