Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Whispering Sweet Nothings

Today was a good day altogether- nothing very exciting. I am attempting to get Caroline back on her sleep schedule/nap pattern, and I would say she did about 50% better...maybe tonight and tomorrow we'll see 75%...and then 100%! I just want to get some zzzz's at night. I enjoy her enthusiasm to play with me and love on me into the wee hours, but I need to get some rest!

This video was taken at lunchtime- and yes, she's still in her PJ's. We had nowhere to go, so she was still lounging. So was mommy...but I stayed off the camera.

Brad went up to the hospital for his 1st day before his 1st day on the job. He rounded with the residents and got to know where he will be spending the next 2 months of his life. He is starting out at the Children's Hospital doing pediatric surgery. It's a killer I think. He is on call 10 times this month (at the hospital) and only has one weekend off...which is post call if that even counts! So I think he'll be tired and we'll be missing him bunches, but it's officially time to start what we have been called to do. It's amazing to look back into our past and see that God has shaped us, built us, and designed us to be right here in this place. Sometimes it looks pretty bleak, I'm not going to lie. BUT I know that the Lord has had these plans for me since I was a tiny tot- and now I get to see Him prove His faithfulness to me. You couldn't ask for anything better than that!

It is really neat sitting here thinking about all our med school buddies that are about to start their professional careers tomorrow. I'm sure there will be a lot of tossing and turning tonight. My heart goes out to them, their spouses and their families. They are ready...they just have to take their first steps tomorrow. Please say a special prayer for Brad as he begins work tomorrow. I know he would appreciate them...and we'll let you know how the first day goes tomorrow!


  1. Hiiiiii!!! Miss you! Hope you guys are having a blast in AR! So glad to hear from you. We are loving our baby girl. She's so stinkin fun. I so exhausted but at least its for a good reason. Keep us posted on everything! Love ya!

  2. Prayin for Brad and everybody tomorrow! They'll be great!!!

  3. Bless this day for Brad, Tessa, and CG.