Thursday, April 29, 2010

We are home...

We made it back safely from our week long road trip through Georgia. We got back late Monday night and unloaded everything into the living room...and most of it is still sitting here. I can't seem to find motivation to unpack! But I wanted to say that I am going to get a lot of pictures up from this past week, but it will be little while. I didn't really take many with my camera because we had other people snapping away so we could enjoy ourselves. When I get those I will share them. We had a great trip- Rome with my family and grandparents first, Macon with Ben and Sarah, and then Milledgeville with the Hobbs. We got to see SO many of our friends and family at a Sip and See we had for Emily as well as a wedding Brad was in over the weekend. We had a blast and can't believe how fast the week flew by (EXCEPT for the 13 hour trips there and back). We survived our first long road trip and are pretty sure we won't be doing that again anytime TAG!! Georgia friends...YOU'RE IT!!

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