Friday, April 16, 2010

My sanity in a Target bag

No caption...just see below.

We leave for Georgia on Sunday morning bright and early! I'm not sure just how bright and early but we are planning on hitting the road as soon as we can get ourselves out the door. I have been just a LITTLE stressed out about planning this trip...all the clothes, baby stuff, toiletries, diaper bags, bottles, you get my drift. I think I have been making lists in my mind for 2 weeks now and I'm sure I will forget something- which I KNOW we can always get where ever we are. I used to think packing and traveling with just ourselves was hard...a little harder with Caroline...and now we practically bring a 3 ring circus with us just to run out to the grocery store.
So I have also really been wondering how this long trip with Caroline was going to work- Emily will hopefully sleep majority of the way- big sister is a different story. So I over prepared, over planned, and probably overspent on getting her all kinds of fun things to entertain her in the car. I know that I will be tuckered out from playing "clown" for 15 hours across the USA, but I think we'll have it covered. Snacks included- which my husband is actually the particular one I planned those around. :) I am even OCD enough on this matter to have stayed up until 1:30 a.m. wrapping all those fun things in Sesame Street wrapping paper. Yes. I'm crazy. But hopefully won't be driven crazy on our car ride. I'm pretty sure this is more than we did for her Christmas, birthday and holidays combined.
So if our crew can load it up and get to our destination successfully I will take a deep breath and sigh of relief...until we have to drive home. Then the fun begins again. However stressful the events leading up to the trip have been...WE CAN'T WAIT!! We want to spend every minute we are there just starring at our family and soaking it all in. So get ready Wakefield, Hobbs, Seavers, and Smiths (My grandparents will be at my parents as an added bonus!) The girls + daddy are coming to town!


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  2. I can't wait:) There's going to be alot of hugging and kissing going on!! I don't think anyone will be bored on the trip:)
    Counting the hours....
    Mom, Carolyn, and Grammie

  3. Looks like you are very prepared! I am sure that y'all will have a great trip!