Friday, April 2, 2010

Dirty Strawberries

For all you country music fans out there I am sure you have heard the tear jerking song- I think it's called "It won't be like this for long" by Darius Rucker- Lyrics attached at the end for your viewing pleaure. Well tonight I am having a few sweet thoughts as I am home with my sweet girls.

Our house literally looks like an atomic bomb went each room...10 different times. Really. I'm not exaggerating. It's almost 9:00 pm and I haven't started to put a dent in straightening it up- just to explode again tomorrow. My eyes are being held open by toothpicks. It would be VERY easy to get down and upset and aggravated at all of this, but I am thankful that my attitude has been swayed in a different direction tonight. :)
10 lets make it 20 years from now I am going to miss this.

I'm going to miss
-a messy house that is messy bc of my sweet toddler and her mommy who chooses to play with her instead of clean up all day
-my hunger pains as I await my midnight dinners each night after the girls are finally tuckered out and in bed
-sending my husband to work in a pair of dirty scrub pants (yes, I'm admitting this to the public...resident wives...don't even pretend this hasn't happened to you...or if it hasn't, your day will come when you look at your husband with puppy dog apologetic eyes and realize you have 3 clean shirts...but no bottoms to match. How does that happen??)
-laundry all over the house- clean clothes on the dining room table (of course! that way I can fold them while I feed Caroline her meals :) ) dirty clothes everywhere else. Tonight a load of JUST scrubs will have to be done. Well, washed...but will I be awake to dry them?? Maybe first thing in the morning.

I'm going to miss
-diapers of 3 different sizes, yes 3- size 1 for Em, 4's for CGH and the bag of 1-2's that CGH has strewn all over the house....diapers on the floor, in our bed, in the kitchen cabinets, mostly clean ones. hahhaa. JK.
-diaper changes around the clock
-finding fruit loops in my bed
-Easter eggs all over our floor that continue to trip us up all day long.
I'm going to miss
-sleepy newborns that won't give up and fall asleep- rotating from my arms, to the swing, to her car seat, to her bed, and back again 27 times...finally to fall asleep laying on my chest listening to my heart.
-toddlers eating strawberries out of the trashcan. Yes, the trash. They weren't "dirty" so don't freak out...I was nursing Emily while CGH scurried off...and brought me a strawberry. Hmmm...where would she have found this I wonder....left over from lunch of course- IN THE TRASH. I may NEVER win the trash can battle.
-Spaghetti stained shirts and faces.

I'm going to miss
-rocks mixed into a snack bowl of teddy grahams (none were eaten- she always shows me her mischief before she partakes in it- BLESS her!!)
-passy snatching escapades
- never being able to catch a nap. True story- we get up this morning and unfortunately come nap time the girls are on opposite schedules- Emily slept until it was time for me to lay Caroline down for 1st nap. I had 45 minutes until Emily was due for a feeding so I thought "SWEET! A nap!!" I crawl in bed, close my eyes, think about everything that I SHOULD be doing during this quiet 45 minutes...and then I hear a blood curdling scream from Caroline- who never cries during nap- I flip the monitor on- her leg is stuck. REALLY?? When does that ever happen? (Answer: when mommy lays down) I rescue her, quickly put her back down only to arrive back in my bedroom to find Emily bright eyed and bushy tailed ready for the day. Goodbye nap. Why did I try?
-super fast like lighting grocery shopping. I didn't attempt to catch the afternoon nap (see above story) so AS SOON as I laid Caroline down for 2nd nap I ran out the door (Brad had just woken up and was home- I wasn't that crazy to leave the kids home alone) and drove speedy quick a couple blocks to Kroger. I shop for 2+ weeks of groceries, stick to my budget, check out, and drive home in 40 minutes flat. Worrying the whole time I'm gone. I am greeted by Brad on the front porch with Emily- who isn't happy. I walk in and within 1 minute have her nursing and calm (I was 8 minutes late for her feeding- forgive me!! Yes, 8. I looked at the clock as I sped home.) A relieved Brad unloaded groceries happily.

And finally I'm going to miss
- wondering if I have my shorts on the right way or if they are on backwards. Yes. This thought crossed my tired mind as I entered Kroger today. All I can do is laugh. Luckily- they were on correctly.

Oh motherhood, late 20's-30's, I will miss you one day! The chaotic life is so sweet I want to remember it for the rest of my life. One day when my house is quiet, I'm bored and have nothing to do, my house is clean and I am fed (LOL) I am sure I will look back and miss these least a little bit. Thank you Lord for speaking to me through diapers and dirty strawberries.

Lyrics to the song:


  1. It's a wise soul who gets up in the morning and goes to bed at night counting the blessings in between.

  2. thanks for the motivation!!....and i must say this is the best title ever!!!!

  3. What a wonderful attitude! I need you sitting on my shoulders some days!

  4. What a great perspective. There are things I already miss about Ashlyn's newborn days, and she's not even one year old yet! There are seasons God takes us through as a mother, and rather than wish we were in a different one why not see the amazing things right before our eyes that we can be so grateful for while we're in it, because in a 'snap' it could all be gone....and time just flies on by! ENJOY even the sleepless nights, tired days, and dirty diapers & laundry. In 10 years you will have two helpful sweet very loved girls to help you with all that!!!
    love & hugs, dear cousin & fellow mom!!