Thursday, April 29, 2010

Crazy about Caroline

It's amazing how fast I have watched my sweet girl grow up. It seems like each new day I see her growing and changing in so many ways. She is such a sweetheart and has such a loving demeanor. She turned 17 months on the 19th of this month- almost 1 1/2. I adore spending each day with her and she is truly my little side kick that I wouldn't want to spend my day without. Couldn't you just cover her with kisses??? Look at this sweet face.

Caroline was busy today...
Reading to her little sister who loves to watch her big sis in action

Making her little sister smile

Explaining to Emily how we use the toys in our playroom

Caroline "helped" me unpack some of our bags today. She made sure she tried each article of clothing on as she pulled them out. She even picked an outfit out for Emily and laid it across her lap. Those clothes will have to continue being unpacked tomorrow...for tonight, they stayed right there!

Caroline is close to using a spoon and fork the right way. It always seems like the hands win when it gets down to the last few bites though. :)

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