Friday, April 30, 2010

Duck Duck Goose

One of the highlights of our time spend in Rome with my family was a trip to feed the ducks. This was very special for us because my grandparents were with us and they used to take me and my siblings to feed the ducks when we were little. They got to enjoy the tradition with the great grand kids this time. We went to Berry one afternoon with a few loaves of bread and enjoyed feeding the ducks- well, at least the boys did. The ducks were a little aggressive! Poor Caroline was coerced into letting the duck grab the bread directly from her hand and she got spooked...and was a little hesitant after that. My brother in law Chris has some better pics on his camera, but these are what I made it home with. :)

Our time in Rome was very relaxing and full of fun and laughter as we got to see the 3 cousins interact for the first time. Oh how I wish we could do that on a weekly basis. We loved spending time with Chris, Cara and little Charlie...Charlie is amazing! He is so laid back and silly- he is Mr. Smiley most of the time. Grammy and Grandpa were super hosts and took Caroline to ride on a carousel and out shopping a few times. The pulled out all of my old stuffed animals and got some new toys to entertain Caroline. She loved it! It was like being at Disney World with all the new things, unexplored territory, and fun people. Great Grandma and Grandpa Smith were more than helpful by loving on our little girls. I think Emily found her spot to snooze almost immediately when Grandma grabbed a hold of her. Thank you Wakefield-Seaver-Smiths! We loved visiting with you and can't wait to see you again.

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  1. awww, that's awesome. Glad Smith Grandparents got chances to love on your precious girls too! Charlie looks so cute! So happy you could all be together. I bet Rome was beautiful in the springtime as well!