Saturday, June 12, 2010

Busy Week

We have had a great week with a lot of visitors in town. My parents got here on Tuesday and the Uhras family from Sweden made it to Little Rock on Wednesday. We had so much fun and have enjoyed spending the week with such special people. We were so honored to have the Uhras' drive to Arkansas to see us. They joined our "family" about 7 years ago- I spent a month in Sweden and they were my host family that I lived with. We instantly hit it off and I fell in love with their sweet family. Patrick, Johanna, Benjamin, and Axel came to America for our wedding in 2005, and then we got another visit with Patrick in 2008. We were very excited to see them again this year. They are so much fun and the boys are precious. My parents were such a huge help as always and they let me enjoy my time with the Uhras family even more. Mom and Dad watched the girls Friday night while Brad and I went to his ENT Cheifs Banquet. We had a blast on a real "date" and they TOLD us the girls were perfect...I choose to believe them! :) Here are some pictures from the week.

Trying to get Caroline to answer "one" when you ask her how old she is

I know I look rough...but I'm not to is a good pic of everyone else...kind of.LOL. We had all just woken up, this was before they left to drive back to GA.

I think Emily may speak a little Swedish after this week- it seemed to interest her when Johanna would talk to her.
We are now headed to Gulf Shores/Orange Beach early Sunday morning. Mom and Dad are helping me make the 10 hour drive with the girls since Brad will not be able to join us. :( We will miss him LIKE CRAZY, but we will enjoy spending time with our family- Cara, Chris, and Charlie will be there as well. The actual beach doesn't look to promising because of the horrible oil spill, but the resort we are staying in has plenty of pools and fun to keep us occupied...and between all 3 babies nap schedules I would be surprised if a whole lot of adventures will take place. BUT it will be a time to relax and enjoy family. We can't wait! We will be back in AR next Sunday. Until then...

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  1. Loving the pictures - can't believe that trip was 7 years ago!! TIME FLIES! What fun we had - love the pix & your updates! :)