Friday, June 25, 2010

I love my van...I mean MAN!

Today Brad and I celebrate 5 years of marriage. It has proven to be such a wonderful road together that has not been void of excitement and adventure.

What we have conquered in 5 years:

-Medical School

-4 moves (WR apartment to Forest Pine, to Little Rock apartment, to LR House)

-2 sweet baby girls

-Intern year of residency


-the purchase of our first MINIVAN!!
Yes, I am not ashamed to proclaim my love for my new Honda Odyssey. It is a GODSEND and my thoughtful husband was MAN enough to trade his beloved truck in for his girls to be able to function on a daily basis. It's a 2005 Touring edition and it is blowing my mind how much it can offer me! I feel like I now have a "car nanny" to help open doors, switch dvds, play cds, navigate, voice activation, sun screen windows, I could go on and on! It's a wonderful addition to our family. ;)

I am so thankful to be married to my best friend and look forward to many more years ahead! No big plans for this Ritz Carlton, no horse ranch bed and breakfast, no trips to New Orleans, No cruise...just a beloved evening at home with the girls and some yummy chocolate covered strawberries and sparkling grape juice to toast to an even better year ahead!


  1. Happy Anniversary! And I love the van! If y'all do want to go out and celebrate, let us know - we would be thrilled to watch the girls!

  2. awww yay! Happy Anniversary to you guys! Can't believe all the fun you've had in only 5 years! crazy to think we met you just a few months after you got hitched as our boys started med school! you guys have been SUCH a blessing to us both!
    AND so proud of Brad for sacrificing that truck! the van atleast is the same color :) looks/sounds amazing and I'm so happy that it will make your life a little easier! :)

  3. great picture of you guys! congrats on the minivan...i'm a little jealous!!! you must tell lee how great it is...ha ha!!! miss you guys. send my love. brooke

  4. That's awesome! You are a precious family and God is so faithful to bring you through 5 challenging but wonderful years and the next 5 will be even better!!!! Trust me, more challenges will come, but you have each other, and together with Christ you will get through ANYthing!!! love & hugs~