Monday, June 7, 2010

Dear Emily Anne and Caroline Grace

Dear Precious Emily Anne,
I cannot believe how fast you are growing!! It seems like yesterday you were our sleepy little newborn- and now I look at you and see such a beautiful, blossoming little personality that is so completely invigorating! I just want to breath you in and steal as many kisses as I can when I am with you. You are so amazing to us. You have such a light hearted personality and are so easily entertained. You are outspoken and love to garble your lovey coos and caws our way. You started giving me a few giggles and laughs to accompany your sweet smiles. If you only knew how you continually melt my heart! I want everyone to see you...your amazing, beautiful self. These pictures were taken of you during your 2-3 month photoshoot by Jill Brannon and Danielle Fields. You have all our love and then some.

*This photo by Danielle Fields Photography

*This photo by Danielle Fields Photography

Dear Sweet Caroline,
You amaze me day in and day out. You are growing and changing at record speed- sometimes I have to stop and catch my breath as I watch you live out your days in wonder. You are so full of wonder...your beautiful eyes that I can't quite "label" with an exact color dance with excitement at the most ordinary things. You are so passionate, so particular, so predictable (to your mommy at least). You are so much fun to play with, to snuggle with, to twirl hair with, and to talk with. You love and live so strongly each and every day that you are so tired and tuckered out each night when we tuck you into bed. Sometimes I even miss you after you've gone to bed...silly I know because I will see your bright eyes early the next morning. I am so blessed to have you as my first Caroline Grace. These pictures that we had taken by Jill Brannon at your 18 month photo shoot capture you perfectly...perfectly beautiful! I love you CGH.

*Pictures courtesy of Jill Brannon Photography

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