Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wakefield Beach Trip

Here are some pictures from our amazing beach trip to Gulf Shores, AL with my parents. Cara, Chris and Charlie made the trip as well and the 3 cousins had an amazing time together. "Vacationing" with babies might deserve another name than "vacation" was a great time though. We couldn't help but imagine what they would be like 5 years down the road when they are a bit more independent. Sadly, we didn't get to step foot on the actual sandy beach since the oil spill was in action, but we had an amazing resort, condo, and plenty of pools/lazy rivers to occupy our time. Thank you mom and dad for a great trip! Everyone was an amazing help to me and the girls since we had to leave daddy in Arkansas. We look forward to doing it again next year! Videos to come next post...

Some highlights/lessons learned during the trip:
Emily's proved to us that she didn't love to ride in the car so much. :(
Caroline discovered freezer pops and fell in love
Emily started belly laughing!!
Caroline officially started babbling silly sentences. She will repeat any word you say and is using so many new words- but she just started making silly jibberish sentences that cracked us all up.
Caroline tried crab cakes, shrimp and some other yummy seafood and loved it of course
Charlie was loved on VIGOROUSLY by his older cousin...and Caroline adored watching him in action.
Charlie and Caroline got to take fun baths together in the huge bath tub
Chris, Cara, and I learned not to drive in sand dunes
It usually takes WAY longer to gear up to go out to the pool (sunscreen, swim diapers, swim suits, hats, shoes, beach toys, drinks, etc) than we actually spend in the pool.
Elavator rides and lobby exploration are excellent ways to calm crabby babies
You can never ride a glass elavator to many times
How to play bananagrams while falling asleep
AND FINALLY...we learned we have the greatest family in the world that loves our girls so much!

Listening for the elavator to ding so we could ride down


  1. Great Pics! Looks like y'all had some fun in the sun, even with the oil spill getting in the way!

  2. Awww- Matt and I just watched little Emily and LOVED her little giggles :) She's such a doll. So jealous of your beach time- but know it was much deserved! Esp since we're all 'land-locked' now! I definately think I will long for the beach even more now!! :)