Wednesday, February 16, 2011

In case you missed us...

We are gearing up and packing up to get ready for our journey to Georgia! This past week has not really had any major happenings...just taking it easy and enjoying the nice weather outside. The girls and I leave on Sunday to spend a week with grandparents- in Rome, in Milledgeville, then at my sisters house in Atlanta to celebrate Emily's 1st birthday!! I have taken several deep breaths this week realizing my baby is not my baby anymore. Crazy to think she is already one. My how time flies! I have not been very motivated to blog lately...but hopefully these pictures will suffice.

Last Saturday Brad came home from being on call and declared that it was "Zoo Time!" So we ventured to the zoo and let our little monkeis run wild. They both loved it. Most the animals were hiding because of the deep freeze from the previous week, but we saw a few. Caroline's FAVORITE was a macaw bird. It said "hello" and "hi" and was the favorite. She is still talking about it. I think I called it a Caroline said, " No mommy, macaw bird." Thanks baby Einstein. Way to make me look smart. ;)

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