Friday, February 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Emily!

(I wrote this blog several days it's kind of past tense...more on the big birthday weekend soon!)

It is not a joke how fast time starts to fly when you a) are having fun b) raising kids c) are getting older! Our sweet little Emily Anne turns one this weekend. Our world was brightened the day she became part of our family. Words cannot express the love a parent has for a child...she truly brings us so much joy. The sound of her sweet high pitched voice, the sweet snuggle of her hugs, her contentment, her awe of Caroline, these are all things that make our heart so fond of her. We have enjoyed the past year, but know how much fun and excitement the year ahead holds for her...and for us.

We have had a whole week of celebrating her birthday since we've been in Georgia. Most of the Hobbs side of the family came to visit and wish her a Happy Birthday while we have been here in Milledgeville. We are looking forward to her "real" birthday party in Atlanta tomorrow with some more family and friends, and then we will celebrate once again when we get back to Little Rock with our playgroup friends. She is DEFINITELY worth the celebrating! Emily is clueless about the celebration, but Caroline is very aware that it is her sissy's birthday. Her only that we have party hats. That, I can handle. :)

Here is a snapshot of what adorable little Emily is like at one:

-She is very calm and content playing on her own, or with others.

-She is a very fast crawler...speedy quick!

-She loves to walk along furniture, but is hesitant to let go. She will stand for a few seconds, but quickly goes down to the floor to crawl. We think in the next month she'll start her walking career...I can't wait!

-She loves to snuggle. She will snuggle when she's tired, snuggle when she first wakes up, snuggle when she wants to giggle, oh, it's so good. She actually stays still long enough to soak up hugs and kisses...unlike another little toddler of ours!

-She sleeps from 7-7- sometimes a little later.

-She officially stopped nursing 1 week before her birthday. We were down to one morning feed, and it was more mommy that was hanging on to it than baby, so we ended that when we started our journey to Georgia.

-She drinks milk and apple juice from sippy cups like a pro.

-She LOVES to eat and enjoys all types of food- favorites include banana, oranges, Cinnamon waffles, chicken, green beans, and really....anything. She doesn't turn her nose up at much.

-She will babble/sing with the sweetest high voice that will melt you. Baabaadaaaadaaagaaaa with lots of inflections. No "words" yet, but soon. We thought she had started saying "mama" and "elmo" but she doesn't really do it anymore.

-She takes 2 naps- one in the morning, one in the afternoon at the same time as Caroline. Anywhere from 1-1 1/2 hours each.

-She loves wheels and anything that spins. She will turn toys upside down and find the wheels and play with those instead of the actual toy.

-She has 9 teeth....and is probably working on more. Teething is no fun, but hopefully we are past the worst part?? Yeah right. 8 front bottom and top, and 1 back molar!

-She has developed a bond with her "lovey"- a pink and brown little blanket with tags all around it. She snuggles to it each time we lay her down to sleep. She also sleeps with a tiny Corduroy teddy bear and a few passy's in her crib. I am starting to put a blanket in too in case she wants to cover up. :)

-She literally "dives" for her bed when she is tired- no rocking, holding, etc. once the lights go out. She wants put down into her crib. Easy as pie!

-She loves to climb up stairs, swing, and ride in her little car.

-She likes watching Baby Einstein and anything else big sister has on.

-She loves to on equals a dancing baby.

-People comment on her red hair and the curls in the back. People always mention her chubby little legs (that have actually really thinned out) and her precious little nose.

-She is wearing size 12-18 months

-Size 4 diapers...probably could go to a 5. But that would put both girls in the same size :)

-She uses a passy but usually is fine without one until she gets fussy or tired.

-75% in height, weight, and head (30 inches long, 22.8 lbs, 18 head)

Emily, you are amazing. We love you more and more each day. We were so blessed when you came into our world and we cannot wait to see what the Lord has in store for you and our family in the years to come!

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  1. happy birthday sweet Emily!! both girls are precious...especially the videos where they are playing together.
    And I completely agree with your thoughts on how people know if you are a mom! I was thinking that if someone ever looked in my purse they would find choo-choos, sippy cups, firemen, and tractor books...a dead giveway...and to think my purse used to exist for my lipstick and hairbrush. :)