Thursday, February 3, 2011

Funny and more Christmas

As I was working on uploading these videos Emily woke up from her nap and decided she would steal her sisters poptart. She devoured the whole thing much faster than you or I probably could. Is that bad?? She is so precious...who could take the poptart away from this face?

Here are a bunch of random pictures from our past week.

Christmas is still in full swing at our house...and I kinda like it. Caroline has named one of her baby's "Baby Jesus". Baby Jesus and Caroline are tight. They do EVERYTHING together. One night before bed Caroline set up her own nativity scene. She had Mary and Joseph, the shepherds, and the wise men. She loves to sing Away in a Manger and will scream the lyrics at any point during out day. It's simply precious. And really funny. But I love hearing her walk around the house saying, "Caroline love Jesus." What more could I ask for??
This past weekend was BEAUTIFUL! High 60's meant lots of time spent outside. We greeted daddy outside on Saturday morning as he got off work.

Good pose Caroline.

They weren't feeling the picture taking, so I gave up.

We went to the Wonderplace one day and had a first...we took our lunch. Caroline was SO excited about her lunchbox. She wanted to eat right when we got there. We managed to stick it out until about 11. She was in heaven...which made me in heaven. This picture doesn't really portray her excitement, but I was trying to keep Emily from throwing her oranges all over the floor, so picture taking wasn't first priority.

A little puzzle action.

Emily reading books.

Another attempt at a photo shoot...but we both gave up. I just don't have the stamina to get a good picture. A few cute candid one's of Caroline though... Emily was napping.

And here is where some more fun began. Caroline dug out this old Santa outfit (size 9-12 months) and was dead set on wearing it. Oh, I laughed hard. Maybe you will too. We had to let little sis in on the fun. She wasn't as crazy about it. I promise...I did not initiate the dress up in the "tiny santa suit". See video for full outfit commentary by Caroline.

Emily showing some of her walking skills....she is getting closer! She still is really wobbly and doesn't like to stand on her own, but uses the walking toys. She can crawl up steps now. She is one fast little goose.
Interview with Santa....sorry it is sideways.
Nativity explanation...

Emily singing on the microphone...sorry so dark- the lights were off as we were getting "settled" down before bed. She loves talking or giggling into the mircrophone. So precious and so silly...because she is rather quiet most the time unless that toy is around. :)
Emily dancing...a little dancing with The Wiggles before bedtime always calms me down. Again- sorry if you get a stiff neck watching.


  1. Emily dancing...seeing sis all over again! Love to all!

  2. I just "LOL"d at Caroline in her Santa outfit...and of Emily 'singing' in to the microphone...and then dancing. These are too precious!
    If it makes you feel any better ab the poptart-Noah had french fries, yup- you read correctly...french fries- not only at 1 meal, but 2 meals in was THE only thing that would keep him occupied so we could finish dinner....and he basically just sucked all of the 'healthy' oil/fried goodness out of them.....I got an A+ those days for being the best mom ever :) lol